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PSTN DISA — (530) 537-0261 / (406) 957-1122 / (406) 957-151X / (407) 564-411N (except 4114)

PSTN Direct Inward Dial (D.I.D.) Exchanges:

Please call residential (White Pages) numbers during normal waking hours, unless otherwise stated.

Special Network Numbers:

† via "#5XB automatic call distributor"

Number of Public Listings: 2190
Erik BerghAC0-0001Press 1 to leave a message, or press 2 to listen to messages left for Jenny (Press # to skip messages when listening to them.) PSTN +1 (352) 867-5309
Erik BerghAC0-0002Voicemail Access for subscribers on my system. PSTN +1 (805) 622-3236
Erik BerghAC0-1111NPSTN Dialtone (220-0XXX/1XXX numbers can also be dialed from C*NET, as 1-220-0XXX/1XXX)
Erik BerghAC0-1200Jacksonville, FL (JCVLFLCL) Vacant Code Recording 9043C
Erik BerghAC0-1201Changed phone number intercept from a Genband switch
Erik BerghAC0-1202NNIS Joyce Gordon message with TTY
Erik BerghAC0-1203Jane Barbe NNIS
Erik BerghAC0-1204Callcentric IP Error Message
Erik BerghAC0-1205Norfolk, VA (NRFLVABS) NNIS Message
Nik VanWagnerAC0-2030NVW Systems
Andrew Green222-1000Nortel BCM 1000 IVR. Park & Hold on 1, Desk 1140e IP set on 2, Softphone on 3. Please do not ring phones after 8pm NST (6:30pm EST).
Andrew Green222-1001Mitel MiVoice 3300 MXe III [1-IP Phone/2-Analog Phone/3-Info]
Andrew Green222-1002NEC SV8100 with UM8000 Voicemail/IVR
Andrew Green222-1050Nortel BCM50e IVR. Currently no sets connected, but feel free to play around with the system.
Andrew Green222-1450Avaya BCM450 IVR. Currently no sets connected, but feel free to play around with the system.
Andrew Green222-2000Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - NIS Intercept - 222-2XXX range is forwarded to the CS1000 via T1 ISDN.
Andrew Green222-2001Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - Analogue Set 01 - Please do not ring phone after 8pm NST (6:30pm EST).
Andrew Green222-2101Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - IP Phone 01 - Please do not ring phone after 8pm NST (6:30pm EST).
Andrew Green222-2600Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Main IVR
Andrew Green222-2601Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Corporate Office
Andrew Green222-2602Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Customer Line
Andrew Green222-2603Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Employee Line
Andrew Green222-2604Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Help Desk
Andrew Green222-2605Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Office Operations
Andrew Green222-2606Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's PBX Room
Andrew Green222-2607Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Stevens Point Call Center
Andrew Green222-2608Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's AT&T Test Announcement
Andrew Green222-2609Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - Figi's Digits Dialed Test App
Andrew Green222-2610Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - AUI A-Style
Andrew Green222-2611Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - CallPilot - AUI S-Style
Andrew Green222-2901Avaya/Nortel CS1000 - Milliwatt/Silent Termination
Andrew Green222-7103CBC national news headlines (updates hourly)
Andrew Green222-8367222-TEMP - Environment Canada Weather for NL [via PSTN]
Andrew Green222-8463222-TIME - NRC Time EST [via PSTN]
Andrew Green222-8998MUZAK Listen Line - Live audio from an Encompass XD
Andrew Green222-9900NIS Message. Pat Fleet not in service message
Andrew Green222-9901Music
Andrew Green222-9904Milliwatt 1004Hz 0dBm uLaw
Harley TravisCA4-2069The "Sexy Meme Jazz Song" Hotline (George Michael - Careless Whisper)
Chris EldridgeCA5-1111Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office DISA
Chris EldridgeCA5-1501Princess F. - Shadows In The Night
Chris EldridgeCA5-1502Za-Za - In The Heart Of Rome
Chris EldridgeCA5-1503Queen 26 - Upside Down
Chris EldridgeCA5-1504Maddy Layne - Do You Wanna Be My Secret Love?
Chris EldridgeCA5-1505Maddy Layne - Lovers In The Night
Chris EldridgeCA5-1506Vanessa - Just A Game
Chris EldridgeCA5-1507Alexis - Just A Game 2008
Chris EldridgeCA5-1508Jilly - Take A Look In My Heart
Chris EldridgeCA5-1509Vanity - Take A Look In My Heart
Chris EldridgeCA5-1510Dolly - Secret Passion
Chris EldridgeCA5-1511Kate & Karen - Step Into My Heart
Chris EldridgeCA5-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeCA5-9901Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeCA5-9931Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeCA5-9932Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeCA5-9958Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeCA5-9960Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeCA5-9970Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeCA5-9971Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeCA5-9972Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeCA5-9973Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeCA5-9974Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeCA5-9979Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeCA5-9990Wolf River Telephone: Capital Office - Always Ring
Erik BerghBA7-4669"I have a structured settlement and I need CASH NOW!"
Daniel Lode229-2001PAX DISA
Connections MuseumAD2-0003milliwatt (loud)
Connections MuseumAD2-00135XB test frame line #1
Connections MuseumAD2-00155XB test frame line #2
Connections MuseumAD2-0026touchtone keyset
Connections MuseumAD2-0314cordless phone
Connections MuseumAD2-0903wooden payphone elevator lobby
Connections MuseumAD2-9552incoming trunk test line (supervision test)
Connections MuseumAD2-9743ring no answer
Connections MuseumAD2-9911shell phone by the front door
Connections MuseumAD2-9999DISA (
Zach RodriguezBE4-0011PBX Trunk Access 1
Zach RodriguezBE4-0012PBX Trunk Access 2
Zach RodriguezBE4-0013Polycom
Calvin Broadus JrBE4-0420Jeff Ubetcha’s GanjaNet
Erik BerghBE4-0931General Voicemail for Erik
Ryan MarcusBE4-1114NOT IN SERVICE
John AdamsBE4-1115(DISCONNECTED) Monster Boy's original entry for NPSTN
John AdamsBE4-1116(DISCONNECTED)
John AdamsBE4-3876(DISCONNECTED)
Jamie BatchelorBE4-4944Main
Dwight SpencerBE4-5024XM Core Technical Support - sysop 1:124/5017
Dwight SpencerBE4-5025XM Core RAS BBS/Data - 1:124/5017.1
John AdamsBE4-5028(DISCONNECTED)
Carson CoueyBE4-5045SPAM THIS NUMBER
John AdamsBE4-5514(DISCONNECTED)
Mason ThedeBE4-5791not
John AdamsBE4-6941(DISCONNECTED)
Mark de Leon MartinezBE4-7132Alexa, Ask anything, No pizza orders
Peter SheerinBE4-7732Millbrae Train Museum
Ramadya SasongkoBE4-7928Hosted Number on NA01 / 234-SWBT
Mason ThedeBE4-7957f5reepbx
John AdamsBE4-8402(DISCONNECTED)
Ryan MarcusBE4-8539NOT IN SERVICE
Erik BerghCH1-0041Loop Around Side A
Erik BerghCH1-0042Loop Around Side B
Erik BerghCH1-1110C*NET Gateway on NPSTN, only US C*NET numbers are dialable on this gateway right now.
Erik BerghCH1-1111CHerry #1XB Office
Erik BerghCH1-1112600 Hz modulated by 120 Hz
Erik BerghCH1-1234Los Angeles (Pacific Time) speaking clock
Erik BerghCH1-1386Mobile Phone
Erik BerghCH1-1387Laptop
Erik BerghCH1-1962Conference Bridge
Erik BerghCH1-2060Blasts of 2600, followed by MF digits 2411111. Blasts will gradually get longer (all the way up to a second). If you dial this over a 2600 hz-Controlled Trunk, there's a chance that the blasts may seize the trunk and make it dial 2411111.
Erik BerghCH1-2532KPFA Radio Feed
Erik BerghCH1-2578KZSU Radio Feed
Erik BerghCH1-3097Lullaby Music
Erik BerghCH1-3098Bože Pravde Vocal
Erik BerghCH1-3099Bože Pravde Instrumental
Erik BerghCH1-3100+381 20 235 56 56 (Telekom Srbija Novi Pazar) You have dialed an invalid number. Please check the number, and call again.
Erik BerghCH1-3101+1 (334) 857-2087 (Windstream Alabama) We're sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.
Erik BerghCH1-3102(Windstream Alabama) We're sorry, the party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls from private numbers. Please hang up, reverse your number privacy, and try again.
Erik BerghCH1-3103+1 (250) 700-4141 (Telus Canada) The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try your call again.
Erik BerghCH1-3104(Verizon Wireless) Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and re-dial the number, including the area code. Announcement 5 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3105(Verizon Wireless) The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again. Announcement 2 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3106(Verizon Wireless) You are not under network extender coverage. Please move closer to your network extender and retry after waiting for 3 minutes. For troubleshooting tips, go to Announcement 20 Switch 328-1.
Erik BerghCH1-3107(Verizon Wireless) Carrier access codes are not recognized by this network, please hang up and dial the number directly. Announcement 6 Switch 40-1.
Erik BerghCH1-3108(Verizon Wireless) All circuits are busy, please try your call again later. Announcement 8 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3109(Verizon Wireless) Please hold while your call is transferred to an external operator, where you should be able to complete your call with a credit card, calling card, or via collect call. Announcement 10 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3110(Verizon Wireless) Your feature update could not be completed. To speak to a customer service representative, please hang up and dial *611. Announcement 12 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3111(Verizon Wireless) There was an error in processing your call. Please power down, and turn off your phone. Then turn your phone back on and try your call again. If this continues, please dial #8899 for assistance. Thank you. Announcement 11 Switch 30900-2.
Erik BerghCH1-3112(Verizon Wireless) We're sorry, the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that has prevented the completion of your call. Announcement 19 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3113(Verizon Wireless) Your call could not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again. Announcement 4 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3114(Verizon Wireless) The wireless customer you called is not available at this time. Please try your call again later. Announcement 1 Switch 41-3.
Erik BerghCH1-3115(Verizon Wireless) Your mobile number is either not active or is invalid. For assistance, please contact your wireless service provider. Announcement 13 Switch 30900-251.
Erik BerghCH1-3116(Verizon Wireless) We're unable to complete your call. To speak to a customer service representative, please hang up and dial *611. Announcement 3 Switch 328-3.
Erik BerghCH1-7276Ramsaso’s Legendary Voicemail
Erik BerghCH1-9900Milliwatt
Erik BerghCH1-9901CHerry1 Switch Verification
Erik BerghCH1-9931Echo Test
Erik BerghCH1-9932Silent Termination
Erik BerghCH1-9950NPSTNTHOKCA01 Business Office Main
Erik BerghCH1-9958ANAC
Erik BerghCH1-9970Always Busy
Erik BerghCH1-9971Always Reorder
Erik BerghCH1-9990Ringout
Erik BerghCH1-9996Loop Around Side A
Erik BerghCH1-9997Loop Around Side B
Zane ReickCH6-8111UTS DISA
Zane ReickCH6-8958UTS ANAC
Zane ReickCH6-8960Milliwatt test tone
Jaiden BorichCH8-2663HiSmart Conference
Carson CoueyCH8-5020Carson Couey (general contact)
Carson CoueyCH8-5024FireFone81 hotline (Yes, this is FireFone81's number)
Carson CoueyCH8-5025Nortel Norstar Support
Jaiden BorichCH8-7681Jaiden Borich - Office Line (EST-Noon-11PM)
Matthew Blocker260-0041Loop Around Side A
Matthew Blocker260-0042Loop Around Side B
Matthew Blocker260-1000Ring my Softphones & Cisco Phones
Matthew Blocker260-1001Laptop softphone (Zoiper)
Matthew Blocker260-1002Mobile softphone (Groundwire)
Matthew Blocker260-1003Cisco SPA525G2
Matthew Blocker260-1004Cisco SPA525G2 #2
Matthew Blocker260-1111DISA
Matthew Blocker260-1122Asterisk silliness - Just me messing with sounds. Might change at any time.
Matthew Blocker260-1211Local Time (Eastern) voiced by Pat Simmons
Matthew Blocker260-1212Local Time (Eastern) voiced by Gordon Gow
Matthew Blocker260-1213Current weather conditions at Jacksonville International Airport (KJAX)
Matthew Blocker260-1214Current weather conditions at Craig Municipal Airport (KCRG)
Matthew Blocker260-1215Current weather conditions at Jacksonville Naval Air Station (KNIP)
Matthew Blocker260-1216Current weather conditions at North Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ)
Matthew Blocker260-1221WTWW Shortwave Transmitter 1
Matthew Blocker260-1222 WTWW Shortwave Transmitter 2 - You can make song requests on their website
Matthew Blocker260-1223WTWW Shortwave Transmitter 3
Matthew Blocker260-1224WTWW Shortwave Transmitter 4
Matthew Blocker260-1225WBCQ 7.490
Matthew Blocker260-1226WBCQ Area 51
Matthew Blocker260-1227WRMI (Radio Miami International)
Matthew Blocker260-1228aNONradio (formerly 260-1227)
Matthew Blocker260-14111800-FREE-411
Matthew Blocker260-1412Voice Info (Tellme rebranded for Cingular I think)
Matthew Blocker260-1424ComedyCures Laughline - Visit their website for info
Matthew Blocker260-1505IVR Adventure Game
Alex PopescuCO0-2006Exact Time, TZ=Europe/Bucharest (UTC+2/3)
Alex PopescuCO0-2041Loop Around Side A
Alex PopescuCO0-2042Loop Around Side B
Alex PopescuCO0-2111Switch DISA
Alex PopescuCO0-2112Main Tel/Fax, preferably only dial between 13:00-19:00 UTC
Alex PopescuCO0-2113Mobile softphone, disconnected most of the time, preferably only dial between 13:00-19:00 UTC
Alex PopescuCO0-2900Milliwatt Test
Alex PopescuCO0-2901Switch Verification
Alex PopescuCO0-2931Echo Test
Alex PopescuCO0-2932Silent Termination
Alex PopescuCO0-2945Milliwatt Test
Alex PopescuCO0-2958ANAC
Alex PopescuCO0-2959Ringback
Alex PopescuCO0-2960Milliwatt Test
Alex PopescuCO0-2970Busy
Alex PopescuCO0-2971Reorder
Alex PopescuCO0-2990Ringout
Alex PopescuCO0-2996Loop Around Side A
Alex PopescuCO0-2997Loop Around Side B
Matthew Blocker260-9901Switch Verification
Matthew Blocker260-9931Echo Test
Matthew Blocker260-9932Silent Termination
Matthew Blocker260-9958ANAC
Matthew Blocker260-9960Milliwatt test tone
Matthew Blocker260-9970Always busy
Matthew Blocker260-9971Always reorder
Matthew Blocker260-9990Ringout
Matthew Blocker260-9996Loop Around Side A
Matthew Blocker260-9997Loop Around Side B
Natalie Null261-2000Natalie's main number (WE 2500 at my desk)
Natalie Null261-2001DISA
Natalie Null261-2516XBAND server dial-in (via 7tel 024-922-9226)
Natalie Null261-27007tel 'web' conference (077-932-7000)
Natalie Null261-2900Direct to answering machine (leave a message anytime! Duofone TAD-220)
Natalie Null261-2901Datacenter Sensaphone 1104
Natalie Null261-2999Music On Hold - Playlist changed occasionally
John CovertCO3-0001Welcome COlonial 3 in Acton, Massachusetts. Note: All 263 and 264 numbers are also directly reachable as sip:[email protected] Please always send a valid CallerID name and number.
John CovertCO3-0002Milliwatt Asterisk Playtones(1004). Ten minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-0003Echo Test Asterisk
John CovertCO3-0004Boston Weather See 263-9362
John CovertCO3-0005Precise Time of Day Asterisk AGI synched to network time.
John CovertCO3-0008Loop-around side A Loop around, tone side.
John CovertCO3-0009Loop-around side B Standard loop-around, silent side
John CovertCO3-0119Telefonzeitansage Die genaue Zeit. MEZ bzw. MESZ
John CovertCO3-0123Speaking Clock London Time AGI using TIM files. They need some trimming to get the cadences right.
John CovertCO3-0141Route-and-Rate Can only do Name-Place. Enter NPA-NXX.
John CovertCO3-0145Hong Kong Time Uses classic London Clock. 12 Hour Time.
John CovertCO3-0510Fröken Ur Miss Clock in Sweden (90510). Routed via SIP to a Swedish provider.
John CovertCO3-1111Number please (Temporarily offline) Operator Ethel Caine will place your call. Speak the entire number including the country code.
John CovertCO3-2525Time of Day (precise) New Asterisk AGI to give accurate time, synchronized via NTP with the Naval Observatory.
John CovertCO3-2562Blocked Call Treatment This treats your caller ID info as blocked and demos the treatment. A correct answer WILL call me.
John CovertCO3-2600Ten seconds of 2600 Playtones(2600)
John CovertCO3-2601MFer Just for fun. A burst of 2600, and then echos your digits back as MF.
John CovertCO3-2663My Conference Bridge Normally no password. If you get asked for a password, in temporary use for a private conference. Call back later.
John CovertCO3-2797Bryant Pond Visit Audio track of video shot at Bryant Pond in September 1982. See
John CovertCO3-3278Abu Hasan The classic story of ultimate embarrassment from 1001 Nights (Burton).
John CovertCO3-3825Long Queue Wait Allison has some fun
John CovertCO3-4726ISBN Lookup Enter an ISBN and get the Title, Author, Publisher, and, if available, the Amazon price.
John CovertCO3-4823ITAD Gateway Gateway to ISN (Internet Subscriber Number) dialling. E.G. <5Dexten>*269# for any number at UCLA, <5Dexten>*270# for any number at MIT. See
John CovertCO3-4949Iron Maiden Demo 1960s U.S. Military PBXs in Germany.
John CovertCO3-5365Lenny monitor Listen in on whoever is talking to Lenny.
John CovertCO3-5366Lenny Lenny drives you nuts, if you try to sell him something.
John CovertCO3-5433The Covert Organization Same as my PSTN LDN. Reaches me anywhere. #5xb ring.
John CovertCO3-5562KJMA Guadalupe Radio San Antonio Catholic Station MP3Player(
John CovertCO3-5723Kraftwerk: The Telephone Call MP3
John CovertCO3-5728In memory of Alan Kotok His voicemail message and an excerpt from the Manchicourt Requiem.
John CovertCO3-6275Happy Birthday Mark Mark Spencer turned 31 on 8 Apr 2008. The Asterisk Boot Camp in Las Vegas sang Happy Birthday.
John CovertCO3-6602DTMF Test Includes 0-9,*,#, and ABCD (hi-group). Reads back whatever is entered after a 2-second timeout.
John CovertCO3-7243Paging Trunk Paging speakers on multicast-enabled phones. Say hello, and I might call you back.
John CovertCO3-7425Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
John CovertCO3-7729263-PRAY Online Morning and Evening Prayer Conference Call. See
John CovertCO3-9025Original DECtalk This is a real DTC01 driven by a DCL script running on my OpenVMS system. It will read back your caller ID. 141 gets you Name Place. If you do nothing, it will sing New York, New York.
John CovertCO3-9099DECtalk Time and Temp DTC01 reads time, current temp, and recent stats from my home WX station
John CovertCO3-9287WBUR live stream MP3Player(
John CovertCO3-9298Silent Termination Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9362Boston WX from NWS Current conditions and forecast from NWS feed generated by Asterisk with Festival
John CovertCO3-9364Hyannis WX from NWS NWS Feed to Asterisk and Festival
John CovertCO3-9366Manchester NH WX from NWS NWS Feed to Asterisk and Festival
John CovertCO3-9367Portsmouth NH WX from NWS NWS Feed to Asterisk and Festival
John CovertCO3-9369Worcester MA WX from NWS NWS Feed to Asterisk and Festival
John CovertCO3-9729Asterisk PBX access Goes to my non-NPSTN/CNET IVR.
John CovertCO3-9766Boston Catholic Radio MP3Player(
John CovertCO3-9900The Covert Organization "Official 00" reaches me anywhere. Rings simulated CDO ring.
John CovertCO3-9935Milliwatt Asterisk Playtones(1004). Ten minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9953Echo Test Asterisk
John CovertCO3-9958Caller Name and Number Asterisk Festival
John CovertCO3-9959Permanent busy Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9960Ring no answer Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9961Ring no answer 440+495 Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9962Ring no answer (5xbring) Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9963Ring no answer (cdoring) Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9964Ring no answer (ukring) Asterisk. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO3-9983Asterisk Version Plays the currently running Asterisk Version to you. Non-sup.
John CovertCO3-9991Guaranteed vacant Asterisk
John CovertCO4-0001Welcome COlonial 4 (Acton) All 264 numbers are the Asterisk PBX in my Laptop. Tandems through COlonial 3 with simulated panel pulsing of the last four digits.
John CovertCO4-0002Milliwatt Asterisk laptop Playtones(1004). Ten minute timeout.
John CovertCO4-0003Echo Test Asterisk laptop.
John CovertCO4-2525Time of day Asterisk laptop. Includes announcement of current laptop timezone.
John CovertCO4-8673Tore Sinding Bekkedal Remote SIP connection to Tore
John CovertCO4-9298Silent termination Asterisk laptop. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO4-9900Ring laptop and me. "Official 00" reaches me anywhere.
John CovertCO4-9901Ring laptop softphone Asterisk sjphone softphone only.
John CovertCO4-9935Milliwatt Asterisk laptop Playtones(1004). Ten minute timeout.
John CovertCO4-9953Echo Test Asterisk laptop.
John CovertCO4-9958Caller Name and Number Asterisk laptop MacInTalk.
John CovertCO4-9959Permanent busy Asterisk laptop. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO4-9960Ring no answer Asterisk laptop. Two minute timeout.
John CovertCO4-9983Asterisk Version
Chris EldridgeAT2-1111Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office DISA
Chris EldridgeAT2-5101U;nee - 너의 욕망
Chris EldridgeAT2-5102U;nee - 가 (Miami Mix)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5103U;nee - 디스코 퀸 (Disco Queen)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5104U;nee - 썬 크루즈 (Sun Cruise)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5105U;nee - 투 유 (To You)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5106U;nee - 해피투게더 (Happy Together)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5107U;nee - 트릭 1 (Trick 1)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5108U;nee - 애가(哀歌)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5109U;nee - 넌 딱 걸렸어 (Oh Punch)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5110U;nee - 플레이 (Play)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5111U;nee - 아듀 (Adieu)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5112U;nee - 가 (Club Mix)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5113U;nee - 두번째 트릭 (Trick 2)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5114U;nee - One
Chris EldridgeAT2-5115U;nee - 아버지
Chris EldridgeAT2-5116U;nee - Call Call Call
Chris EldridgeAT2-5117U;nee - 전화해
Chris EldridgeAT2-5118U;nee - 여우
Chris EldridgeAT2-5119U;nee - 유혹
Chris EldridgeAT2-5120U;nee - Don't Cry Again
Chris EldridgeAT2-5121U;nee - 그 날 이후
Chris EldridgeAT2-5122U;nee - 립스틱
Chris EldridgeAT2-5123U;nee - 초대
Chris EldridgeAT2-5124U;nee - I Want You
Chris EldridgeAT2-5125U;nee - Call Call Call [2nd Version]
Chris EldridgeAT2-5126U;nee - Intro
Chris EldridgeAT2-5127U;nee - U-Turn
Chris EldridgeAT2-5128U;nee - Honey
Chris EldridgeAT2-5129U;nee - 솔로 판타지
Chris EldridgeAT2-5130U;nee - 습관 [Acoustic Version]
Chris EldridgeAT2-5131U;nee - 내 맘속의 빈자리
Chris EldridgeAT2-5132U;nee - Follow Me
Chris EldridgeAT2-5133U;nee - Runaway
Chris EldridgeAT2-5134U;nee - 아버지 (Remix)
Chris EldridgeAT2-5135U;nee - U-Turn [House Version]
Chris EldridgeAT2-5136U;nee - 습관 [Version 2]
Chris EldridgeAT2-5137U;nee - 라스트 크리스마스
Chris EldridgeAT2-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeAT2-9901Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeAT2-9931Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeAT2-9932Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeAT2-9958Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeAT2-9960Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeAT2-9970Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeAT2-9971Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeAT2-9972Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeAT2-9973Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeAT2-9974Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeAT2-9979Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeAT2-9980The somewhat famous "obscene New York Telephone" commercial recorded by Rod Serling.
Chris EldridgeAT2-9990Wolf River Telephone: Atlas Office - Always Ring
Chris EldridgeAT2-9991Wolf River Telephone: Atlas loop around side A
Chris EldridgeAT2-9992Wolf River Telephone: Atlas loop around side B
Rod BangertAT5-1000FXS Line 01
Rod BangertAT5-1001FXS Line 02
Rod BangertAT5-1002Dialtone from Panasonic PBX WIP
Rod BangertAT5-1111NPSTN DISA
Rod BangertAT5-1122Echo Test
Rod BangertAT5-1123Always Busy
Rod BangertAT5-1124Always Reorder
Rod BangertAT5-1125Always Intercept
Rod BangertAT5-1126Always Ringback
Rod BangertAT5-1999ATwater 5 Switch Verification
John Adams298-00002980 OPER. *CURRENTLY DOWN*
John Adams298-0001298-xxxx Exchange Office. *CURRANTLY DOWN*
John Adams298-0002Monster Boy *CURRENTLY DOWN*
John Adams298-0003Monster Boy *CURRENTLY DOWN*
John Adams298-0004Monster Boy *CURRENTLY DOWN*
John Adams298-0005298-xxxx Exchange Office Fax Machine. *CURRANTLY DOWN*
John Adams298-0006Monster Boy *CURRENTLY DOWN*
Mel Mel298-0666MEL/MELLI 's ATA, call to wake me up or some other prank
Harry Smith325-1111NPSTN DISA -- SxS Dialtone
Harry Smith325-1122Echo Test
Harry Smith325-1123MW Tone - Asterisk Soft Switch
Harry Smith325-1212Analog Line01 - Panasonic PBX
Harry Smith325-1213Switch Telephone - SXS (Operator)
Harry Smith325-9996CCBCAD INTERCEPT - NPSTNCFL01/MS0 Switch Operator
Harry Smith325-9997Always Ringback - SXS Ringback WIP
Harry Smith325-9998Always Reorder - SXS Reorder
Harry Smith325-9999Always Busy - SXS Busy
Hosted Members & MoreFA7-1212test
Phil BravermanFA7-1700Phil Braverman line 1
Phil BravermanFA7-1701Phil Braverman line 2
Daniel LodeFA7-6000Dialtone from AE PAX Switch
Daniel LodeFA7-6001Main Line from AE PAX
Daniel LodeFA7-6002AE PAX Ringback
Daniel LodeFA7-6003AE PAX Intercept
Daniel LodeFA7-6004AE PAX Busy
Chris EldridgeED0-1111Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - DISA
Chris EldridgeED0-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeED0-9901Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeED0-9931Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeED0-9932Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeED0-9958Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeED0-9960Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeED0-9970Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeED0-9971Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeED0-9972Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeED0-9973Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeED0-9974Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeED0-9979Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeED0-9990Wolf River Telephone: Edison Office - Always Ring
Erik BerghED1-0500Dials 800-331-0500
Dylan CruzFI7-5000Main desk phone
Dave Levenson349-3000Dave's Main NPSTN Phone
Dave Levenson349-3100The Ballad of Captain Crunch - A Recitation by Mike Agranoff
Dave Levenson349-3101Southwind
Dave Levenson349-3102Rosin the Beau
Dave Levenson349-3201This phone
Dave Levenson349-3202That phone
Dave Levenson349-3203The other phone
Dave Levenson349-3723Dave's Home Office
Dave Levenson349-3999Dave's Fax (span-dsp)
James WaddingtonEL7-0666The Sword - Arcane Montane
James WaddingtonEL7-1111DISA NPSTN
James WaddingtonEL7-8463TIME - Pat Simmons
James WaddingtonEL7-8464TIME - Gordon Gow
James WaddingtonEL7-9901Switch CLLI verification
James WaddingtonEL7-9931Echo Test
James WaddingtonEL7-9932Silent Termination
James WaddingtonEL7-9958ANAC
James WaddingtonEL7-9960Milliwatt test tone
James WaddingtonEL7-9970Always Busy
James WaddingtonEL7-9990Ring Forever
Frank Palazzolo371-1000Line 1
Frank Palazzolo371-1001Line 2
Frank Palazzolo371-1002Line 3
Frank Palazzolo371-1111DISA 9+NPSTN 8+CNET
Frank Palazzolo371-2000MF Trunk
Richard Courtney377-91111C Payphone
Richard Courtney377-961610A CaC
Samuel ReyFR8-1000Frontier Telephone Business Office
Samuel ReyFR8-1111NPSTN DISA
Samuel ReyFR8-4001Samuel's Main NPSTN phone
Samuel ReyFR8-4002Samuel's Zoiper SIP phone
Samuel ReyFR8-4101Rings Citesa 'Heraldo' Telephone - Remote Number, often unavaliable
Samuel ReyFR8-4102Remote line 4, usually, rings Citesa 'Teide' Telephone - Remote Number, often unavailable
Samuel ReyFR8-4201Remote Line 3, usually, Windows XP PC modem - Remote Number, often unavailable
Samuel ReyFR8-4202Remote Line 4, usually, Windows Server 2003 modem (Call Samuel Rey for access credentials) - Remote Number, often unavailable
Samuel ReyFR8-9901Switch Verification
Samuel ReyFR8-9970Busy signal
Samuel ReyFR8-9971Reorder
Chris EldridgeEV3-0663Oingo Boingo - Forbidden Zone
Chris EldridgeEV3-1111Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen office DISA
Chris EldridgeEV3-1239Moe's Tavern
Chris EldridgeEV3-1677Chris primary contact number.
Chris EldridgeEV3-1959Seeberg 1000 Online Radio - Music from the Seeberg Background Music System Of the 60's
Chris EldridgeEV3-1984Radio ITALOPOWER! - Italo Disco Hits and Rarities - 24/7
Chris EldridgeEV3-1986United Sonic Alliance - Secrets From The Night
Chris EldridgeEV3-1989Default Cisco Hold Music - Opus Number 1
Chris EldridgeEV3-2209Dilbert S1E11 - Guy who can't get an outside line
Chris EldridgeEV3-2210Dilbert S2E11 - Dilbert calls Comp-U-Comp to attempt to return his computer
Chris EldridgeEV3-2368Ghostbusters
Chris EldridgeEV3-2551Open Conference
Chris EldridgeEV3-2600Wolf River Telephone: Business Office
Chris EldridgeEV3-2847A re-creation of the somewhat famous (in some parts) 1-800-GOLF-TIP line from the 90's.
Chris EldridgeEV3-3001The Conet Project: The Swedish Rhapsody (4:18)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3002The Conet Project: Counting (3:34)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3003The Conet Project: Counting 'Control' (2:01)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3004The Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (4:36)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3005The Conet Project: 5 Dashes (3:30)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3006The Conet Project: The Lincolnshire Poacher (4:37)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3007The Conet Project: Gong Station/Chimes (3:29)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3008The Conet Project: DFD 21 (2:37)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3009The Conet Project: Ready Ready 15728 (2:04)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3010The Conet Project: Bugle (1:00)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3011The Conet Project: 5 Note Version 'Czech Lady' (1:38)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3012The Conet Project: Three Note Oddity (2:18)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3013The Conet Project: New Star Broadcasting (6:32)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3014The Conet Project: Counting Station (Spanish) (4:41)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3015The Conet Project: English Lady / 00000 ending (3:31)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3016The Conet Project: Attencion / 3 Finals (3:31)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3017The Conet Project: 4 Note Rising Scale (3:14)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3018The Conet Project: Ciocîrlia (5:16)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3019The Conet Project: Czech Lady (3:18)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3020The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'YS' (1:47)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3021The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'EL' (1:10)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3022The Conet Project: 5 Dashes (1:40)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3023The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'RK' (2:23)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3024The Conet Project: NNN (2:56)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3025The Conet Project: 'Strich' (0:36)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3026The Conet Project: DFD21 / DFC37 (1:55)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3027The Conet Project: Drums & Trumpets (2:51)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3028The Conet Project: NNN (1:47)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3029The Conet Project: English Lady – 00000 ending (2:10)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3030The Conet Project: NNN (1:00)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3031The Conet Project: The Russian Man ('D-va' Northern Russian Voice) (1:34)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3032The Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (0:49)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3033The Conet Project: Spanish Lady (1:07)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3034The Conet Project: 'Strich' (0:30)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3035The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'NU' (1:12)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3036The Conet Project: 'Strich' (0:38)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3037The Conet Project: YT (3:35)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3038The Conet Project: 5 Dashes (1:40)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3039The Conet Project: German Man (1:45)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3040The Conet Project: English Man (4:58)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3041The Conet Project: English Man + German Lady (1:36)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3042The Conet Project: German Lady (1:43)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3043The Conet Project: Chinese Numbers (1:14)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3044The Conet Project: Spanish Lady (4:25)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3045The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'MD' (1:38)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3046The Conet Project: English Man (1:13)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3047The Conet Project: German Lady (0:47)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3048The Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (0:54)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3049The Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (2:24)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3050The Conet Project: Nancy Adam Susan (3:20)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3051The Conet Project: Counting 'Control' (1:18)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3052The Conet Project: Nancy Adam Susan (Male Voice) (2:44)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3053The Conet Project: Cherry Ripe (1:34)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3054The Conet Project: Russian Lady (1:57)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3055The Conet Project: Russian Man (0:37)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3056The Conet Project: NNN (1:54)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3057The Conet Project: Frank Young Peter (0:59)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3058The Conet Project: Cherta (1:05)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3059The Conet Project: Russian Counting Man (0:58)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3060The Conet Project: OLX (2:15)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3061The Conet Project: 6 Tones (0:57)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3062The Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (2:02)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3063The Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (0:31)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3064The Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (1:17)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3065The Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (1:00)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3066The Conet Project: Oriental Language (1:11)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3067The Conet Project: Ready Ready (2:02)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3068The Conet Project: Iran / Iraq Jamming Efficacy Testing (1:00)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3069The Conet Project: English Lady (1:16)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3070The Conet Project: English Lady (0:34)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3071The Conet Project: English Man Version 1 (0:34)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3072The Conet Project: English Man Version 3 (0:48)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3073The Conet Project: English Man (0:58)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3074The Conet Project: Magnetic Fields (3:49)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3075The Conet Project: Magnetic Fields (1:30)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3076The Conet Project: Oblique (1:24)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3077The Conet Project: NNN (0:35)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3078The Conet Project: 5 Dashes (4:17)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3079The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'KG' (1:49)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3080The Conet Project: 4 Figure Counting (10 Rough Tones) (2:36)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3081The Conet Project: 2 Voices in One Transmission
Chris EldridgeEV3-3082The Conet Project: Tyrolean Music Station (7:18)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3083The Conet Project: 3 Note I.S. (0:46)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3084The Conet Project: 10 Rough Tones (1:33)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3085The Conet Project: Achtung! (0:29)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3086The Conet Project: 'A' (1:23)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3087The Conet Project: Voice Sample (1-10) (0:12)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3088The Conet Project: Rapid Dots (0:59)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3089The Conet Project: 'Strich' (1:06)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3090The Conet Project: Hier ist DFC Seben und Dreizig (3:20)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3091The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'PN' (2:34)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3092The Conet Project: Sample Count (0:18)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3093The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'VO' (2:10)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3094The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'HK' (0:41)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3095The Conet Project: 2 Letter 'DM' (4:01)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3096The Conet Project: 8 Note Rising Scale (1:11)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3097The Conet Project: Spruchnummer 1 (0:55)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3098The Conet Project: Spruchnummer 4 (0:48)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3099The Conet Project: Random Pop (1:05)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3100The Conet Project: Nomer 101 (2:52)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3101The Conet Project: Okno Okno Okno (0:35)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3102The Conet Project: Nomer 198 (3:22)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3103The Conet Project: 723 Papaqui (1:23)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3104The Conet Project: 298 (1:54)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3105The Conet Project: 815 (1:24)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3106The Conet Project: 167 (1:53)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3107The Conet Project: Moscow Coup Attempt (0:20)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3108The Conet Project: Russian Man Complete (3:37)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3109The Conet Project: YT Counting in Croatian/Serbian (2:50)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3110The Conet Project: 555 Konec (0:33)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3111The Conet Project: Preska (0:25)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3112The Conet Project: Cherta (0:26)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3113The Conet Project: Count in Russian (0:40)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3114The Conet Project: Count in Russian (2:03)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3115The Conet Project: 1-10 Announcement (1:03)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3116The Conet Project: 1-10 Announcement (0:50)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3117The Conet Project: Counting in Polish (1:12)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3118The Conet Project: Konec Konec (2:43)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3119The Conet Project: Pozor (0:48)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3120The Conet Project: Russian Lady test count and message (2:15)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3121The Conet Project: Russian Man (4:10)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3122The Conet Project: Spanish Lady (2 Finals) (1:48)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3123The Conet Project: Spanish Counting (0:22)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3124The Conet Project: Spanish Counting (0:24)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3125The Conet Project: Spanish Man (2:19)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3126The Conet Project: Spanish Lady (1:17)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3127The Conet Project: Spanish Lady (2:27)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3128The Conet Project: Eastern Music Station (6:40)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3129The Conet Project: Eastern Music Station (1:42)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3130The Conet Project: Unidentified Chinese Station (0:42)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3131The Conet Project: NNN (1:27)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3132The Conet Project: NNN (0:59)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3133The Conet Project: Whiskey Tango Viente Y Uno (6:14)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3134The Conet Project: The Crackle (2:33)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3135The Conet Project: The Backwards Music Station (2:30)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3136The Conet Project: Faders (1:14)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3137The Conet Project: Workshop (2:52)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3138The Conet Project: The Pip (0:50)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3139The Conet Project: The Buzzer (2:40)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3140The Conet Project: M1 (197) (0:52)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3141The Conet Project: M1b (463) (4:49)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3142The Conet Project: M2 (712) (3:11)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3143The Conet Project: M3 (0:33)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3144The Conet Project: M3 (0:20)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3145The Conet Project: M3 (0:27)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3146The Conet Project: M3 (0:17)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3147The Conet Project: M3 (0:15)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3148The Conet Project: M3 (0:15)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3149The Conet Project: M3a (0:22)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3150The Conet Project: M3b (0:50)
Chris EldridgeEV3-3226Mr. Plow
Chris EldridgeEV3-5246Mr. Burns Office
Chris EldridgeEV3-6044Lincolnshire Poacher Phone Line Recording
Chris EldridgeEV3-6262Gazebo - Telephone Mama
Chris EldridgeEV3-6723NORAD AWS Defcon Status Announcement
Chris EldridgeEV3-7336Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run)
Chris EldridgeEV3-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeEV3-9460The Max Headroom Incident
Chris EldridgeEV3-9801AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – English
Chris EldridgeEV3-9802AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Arabic
Chris EldridgeEV3-9803AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Cantonese
Chris EldridgeEV3-9804AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Hindi
Chris EldridgeEV3-9805AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Japanese
Chris EldridgeEV3-9806AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Korean
Chris EldridgeEV3-9807AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Mandarin Chinese
Chris EldridgeEV3-9808AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Polish
Chris EldridgeEV3-9809AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Portuguese
Chris EldridgeEV3-9810AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Russian
Chris EldridgeEV3-9811AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Spanish
Chris EldridgeEV3-9812AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Tagalog
Chris EldridgeEV3-9813AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Vietnamese
Chris EldridgeEV3-9817The Scammer Hold Experience
Chris EldridgeEV3-9818Nonworking number at the City College of New York - Contains message regarding a Fax line at the college having its number spoofed by scammers.
Chris EldridgeEV3-9901Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeEV3-9902Direct Distance Dialing Test Number
Chris EldridgeEV3-9909Switchroom sounds of a Stromberg-Carlson XY Switch
Chris EldridgeEV3-9931Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeEV3-9932Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeEV3-9950Wolf River Telephone: Business Office - Crosslinks to 383-2600
Chris EldridgeEV3-9958Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeEV3-9960Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeEV3-9970Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeEV3-9971Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeEV3-9972Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeEV3-9973Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeEV3-9974Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeEV3-9979Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeEV3-9988Sultry Ma Bell as presented in the “How I Became A Phone Phreak” series by Evan Doorbell
Chris EldridgeEV3-9990Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Office - Always Ring
Chris EldridgeEV3-9991Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Loop Around Side A
Chris EldridgeEV3-9992Wolf River Telephone: Evergreen Loop Around Side B
Chris EldridgeHE7-1111Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office DISA
Chris EldridgeHE7-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeHE7-9501Y&Co. - Monkey Dance feat. AH
Chris EldridgeHE7-9502Y&Co. - SPEEDY CAT feat. ERIKA MOCHIZUKI
Chris EldridgeHE7-9503Y&Co. - POODLE feat. 彩月 (FakejazzQuintet)
Chris EldridgeHE7-9504Y&Co. - So Real feat. mioco
Chris EldridgeHE7-9505Y&Co. - Y&Co. is dead or alive
Chris EldridgeHE7-9506Y&Co. - Roulette feat. ERIKA MOCHIZUKI
Chris EldridgeHE7-9507Y&Co. - WH1TE RO5E
Chris EldridgeHE7-9508Y&Co. - BOOM BOOM DISCO NIGHT feat. YU-YA
Chris EldridgeHE7-9509Y&Co. - Daisuke feat. KAHORI from 1 LOVE
Chris EldridgeHE7-9510Y&Co. - Mysterious Time feat. Sachi (Broken Doll)
Chris EldridgeHE7-9511Y&Co. - dragon
Chris EldridgeHE7-9512Y&Co. - IN THE NAME OF LOVE feat. Erica
Chris EldridgeHE7-9513Y&Co. - Sweet Rain feat. Karin
Chris EldridgeHE7-9514Y&Co. - Attitude
Chris EldridgeHE7-9515Y&Co. - エコ爺 feat. mioco
Chris EldridgeHE7-9901Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeHE7-9931Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeHE7-9932Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeHE7-9958Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeHE7-9960Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeHE7-9970Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeHE7-9971Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeHE7-9972Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeHE7-9973Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeHE7-9974Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeHE7-9979Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeHE7-9990Wolf River Telephone: Hemlock Office - Always Ring
Erik BerghGE9-1111GEdney9 Panel Office
Robert GrantGI2-0041Loop Around Side A
Robert GrantGI2-0042Loop Around Side B
Robert GrantGI2-0174Ringback Test - calls you back
Robert GrantGI2-1111DISA NPSTN - Clunks clicks and beeps
Robert GrantGI2-1112DISA NPSTN - electromechanical switch room feel
Robert GrantGI2-1113DISA NPSTN - simple no frills
Robert GrantGI2-1212Speaking Clock - Rob Grant
Robert GrantGI2-2000Rob Grant - Residence :
Robert GrantGI2-2111Conference Bridge
Robert GrantGI2-2124Speaking Clock - Gordon Gow
Robert GrantGI2-2676Madame Julia helps you to relax
Robert GrantGI2-2766Madame Julia tells your fortune
Robert GrantGI2-2778Miss Trisha is available
Robert GrantGI2-3000Gibson Guestbook - say hello and leave a greeting
Robert GrantGI2-3001Gibson Guestbook - listen to the messages
Robert GrantGI2-3100Classic Music on Hold
Robert GrantGI2-3101Music on Hold music box
Robert GrantGI2-3102Sankyo Music on Hold
Robert GrantGI2-3240Family Guy 80s Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3250Recreation of 'George' - apologies and thanks to Evan Doorbell!
Robert GrantGI2-3251Plantations Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3252Early Bird Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3253Sam White Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3254Elmo Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3255JWI Bags Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3256Frank Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3257Anne - 5 seconds Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3258HMZ Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3259Alanski Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3260Doctor Carson Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3261Going to the Store Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3262South Western Bell Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3263Bell Voicemail
Robert GrantGI2-3264Curtis 1000 Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3265Lenny
Robert GrantGI2-3266Scottish Lady
Robert GrantGI2-3267Global Helpdesk
Robert GrantGI2-3268Vintage Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3269Les' Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3270Maintenanec Analysis Centre Answering Machine
Robert GrantGI2-3271ATV Answering Service
Robert GrantGI2-3273High School
Robert GrantGI2-3274The Phone Mail System Lady
Robert GrantGI2-3275Drab Woman
Robert GrantGI2-3276Covert Lane Reservoir Telemetry
Robert GrantGI2-3277British Methane - can you get through to someone?
Robert GrantGI2-3281Crossroads Motel
Robert GrantGI2-3282Wilkinson's Sound Effects Box
Robert GrantGI2-3283Alliance and Leicester Building Society
Robert GrantGI2-3284Daniel O'Donnell
Robert GrantGI2-3285In a Queue
Robert GrantGI2-3288The Maples Surgery - 3 precious minutes you'll never have again...
Robert GrantGI2-3289Maples Surgery - original
Robert GrantGI2-3292Call Centre
Robert GrantGI2-3319UK Maintenance Analysis Test Number
Robert GrantGI2-3399UK Test Number
Robert GrantGI2-3900The Sea
Robert GrantGI2-3901A selection of toy telephone ringtones
Robert GrantGI2-3902Fone79 - misc recordings of phone calls
Robert GrantGI2-3903'Calling London' - surrealistic audio montage
Robert GrantGI2-3904Dial Intergalactica
Robert GrantGI2-3905Fantastic Fone Funnies - from The Voice Squad
Robert GrantGI2-3906IVR Adventure game - by QRLEON
Robert GrantGI2-3907Colin Wants to be a Millionaire - phone a friend
Robert GrantGI2-3908'Found' Answering machines from 'Soundgrabs'
Robert GrantGI2-3909Decision Maker - Yes or No? Let us decide...
Robert GrantGI2-3910Margaret Thatcher's top tips for politicians
Robert GrantGI2-3930Lynden B Johnson Whitehouse Recordings
Robert GrantGI2-3940Vintage radio Commercials
Robert GrantGI2-3942Fence Wires near Silbury Hill and Long Barrow by John Grzinich
Robert GrantGI2-3960LBJ Recordings - Whitehouse Crossed Line
Robert GrantGI2-3961SSAC9 Answer tone medley - culled from Noel Edmond's Parank Phone Calls 1970s
Robert GrantGI2-3964SSAC9 Answer - hello - Clear - culled from Noel Edmond's Parank Phone Calls 1970s
Robert GrantGI2-4510Random tones and announcement recordings dialling Canada
Robert GrantGI2-4511Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 1 (non USA)
Robert GrantGI2-4512Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 2
Robert GrantGI2-4513Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zones 3 & 4
Robert GrantGI2-4514Random tones and announcement recordings dialling Sydney Australia
Robert GrantGI2-4515Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 5
Robert GrantGI2-4516Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 6
Robert GrantGI2-4517Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 7
Robert GrantGI2-4518Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 8
Robert GrantGI2-4519Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 9
Robert GrantGI2-4520Automatic Announcements 1957
Robert GrantGI2-4530Bristol Congestion
Robert GrantGI2-4531London Congestion
Robert GrantGI2-4533Scarborough Fire
Robert GrantGI2-4534Reading CNA
Robert GrantGI2-4535Leicester Short Code Access CNA
Robert GrantGI2-4536024029 CNA
Robert GrantGI2-4537Leicester 2xxxx CNA
Robert GrantGI2-4541Speaking Clock example
Robert GrantGI2-4542Speaking Clock example
Robert GrantGI2-4543Speaking Clock example
Robert GrantGI2-4544Speaking Clock example
Robert GrantGI2-4555TMC Supplementary Services Unit Voice Prompts
Robert GrantGI2-4600C62A Cassette recording of misc tones
Robert GrantGI2-4601Bulk dump of telephone tones and announcements for your pleasure
Robert GrantGI2-4602Pay Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4603Ringtone Medley
Robert GrantGI2-4604UK Ringtone with EET bleed through
Robert GrantGI2-4620ATE PAX Dial Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4621ATE PAX Ring Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4622ATE PAX Busy Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4625PABX6 Dial Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4626PABX6 Ring Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4627PABX6 Busy Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4628PABX6 Number Unobtainable Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4630Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Dial Tone demo
Robert GrantGI2-4631Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Ring Tone demo
Robert GrantGI2-4632Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Busy Tone demo
Robert GrantGI2-4633Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Music on hold demo
Robert GrantGI2-4635BT 2+8 Dial Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4636BT 2+8 Ring Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4637BT 2+8 Busy Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4638BT 2+8 Number Unobtainable Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4650Ringing Machine 2A Dial Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4651Ringing Machine 2A Ring Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4652Ringing Machine 2A Busy Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4653Ringing Machine 2A Cont Ring Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4654Ringing Machine 2A Interrupted Ring Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4655Ringing Machine 2A Number Unobtainable Tone
Robert GrantGI2-4700Connecting Noise Medley
Robert GrantGI2-4701Background Noise Medley
Robert GrantGI2-4702Cable Fault at Evington Exchange 1980's
Robert GrantGI2-4703Elmer Cat's Noise Recordings from YouTube
Robert GrantGI2-4704Metering Over Junction (MOJ) noise on a UK International Call
Robert GrantGI2-5555Post Office Test Transmission
Robert GrantGI2-6201Montfort ATE - Crossbar Exchange Room Sounds from 1980s
Robert GrantGI2-6202East Langton UAX13 on a Sunday afternoon 1980's
Robert GrantGI2-6203Narborough 10K Line TXS Exchange room sounds 1977
Robert GrantGI2-6262Pulse Generator 23A
Robert GrantGI2-6300Miss Ethel Caine
Robert GrantGI2-6301Worlds first talking clock turns 80
Robert GrantGI2-6302GPO Long Distance telephony
Robert GrantGI2-6303An Intro to the GPO 1954
Robert GrantGI2-6304A BT Christmas Carol
Robert GrantGI2-6305Thomas Watson speaking
Robert GrantGI2-6306UK 2VF Signalling Demo
Robert GrantGI2-6310Open Source Telephony Using Asterisk and VOIP by Daryll Strauss
Robert GrantGI2-6311Telephone Talk' by Kristen Hammer & Denilso de Lima
Robert GrantGI2-6312Donald Sherman orders a pizza with a computer, 1974.
Robert GrantGI2-6313The voice of Alexander Graham Bell - 'Hear my voice!'
Robert GrantGI2-6314Legendary comedian Dave Allen talks about telephones... contains adult language!
Robert GrantGI2-6320Hell's Bells
Robert GrantGI2-6330'Off the Hook' 1998-10-07 part a.
Robert GrantGI2-6331'Off the Hook' 1998-10-07 part b.
Robert GrantGI2-6332'Off the Hook' 1989-07-25.
Robert GrantGI2-6333'Off the Hook' 1993-12-22.
Robert GrantGI2-6334'Off the Hook' 1994-02-02.
Robert GrantGI2-6335Telephone Effects (78rpm record)
Robert GrantGI2-6336 - Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc. 1963
Robert GrantGI2-6337Pulse click Põlva County Estonia - pulsing click sound on old telephone wires by John Grzinich
Robert GrantGI2-6338Major records - Bells and Buzzers (78rpm)
Robert GrantGI2-6339#63 Phone Tones by Twenty Thousand Hertz
Robert GrantGI2-6340Cohen on Telephone Etiquette (78rpm)
Robert GrantGI2-6341Cohen at the Telephone (78rpm)
Robert GrantGI2-6401Organic Sonic Collective Jukebox
Robert GrantGI2-6412Muzak
Robert GrantGI2-6413Penetration by Mr Concept!
Robert GrantGI2-6416Dial-a-Disc
Robert GrantGI2-6450Lady of the Telephone (78rpm)
Robert GrantGI2-6451The Telephone No ring - Ziggy Talent - Vaughn Monroe's Orchestra (78rpm)
Robert GrantGI2-6500BBC Radio Stations IVR
Robert GrantGI2-6501Misc Radio Stations IVR
Robert GrantGI2-6511Misc Radio Show recordings
Robert GrantGI2-7001Alan
Robert GrantGI2-7123Speaking Clock
Robert GrantGI2-7124Reminder Call
Robert GrantGI2-7158ANAC
Robert GrantGI2-7290Rob Grant - 3CX Softphone on Desktop PC
Robert GrantGI2-7980Single Tones increasing in frequency
Robert GrantGI2-8015European Tones Demo from BT 0121 246 8015
Robert GrantGI2-8016European Tones Demo from BT Freephone
Robert GrantGI2-8017USA Tones Demo from BT 0121 246 8017
Robert GrantGI2-8018USA Tones Demo from BT Freephone
Robert GrantGI2-8061Datel Tones Demo from BT
Robert GrantGI2-8081Speaking Clock - Pat Simmons
Robert GrantGI2-8171Cromer Norfolk UK - Daily Tide Times - RSS Lookup via AGI and Text2Speech
Robert GrantGI2-8900Plantagenet Introduction
Robert GrantGI2-8902Plantagenet Milliwatt
Robert GrantGI2-8903Plantagenet Echo Test
Robert GrantGI2-8904Plantagenet Readback CLI
Robert GrantGI2-8917Plantagenet Oral Entrapment
Robert GrantGI2-8920Minimal for testinge
Robert GrantGI2-8923Plantagenet Speaking Clocke
Robert GrantGI2-8927Plantagenet Confessional
Robert GrantGI2-8973Leonardo Square
Robert GrantGI2-8978Anthem for aye Simpleton
Robert GrantGI2-8979Crumhorn selection
Robert GrantGI2-8999Ring then Tock
Robert GrantGI2-9900Milliwatt
Robert GrantGI2-9901Switch Verification / CLLI
Robert GrantGI2-9922DTMF Test
Robert GrantGI2-9931Echo Test
Robert GrantGI2-9932Silent termination
Robert GrantGI2-9945Milliwatt
Robert GrantGI2-9958ANAC
Robert GrantGI2-9960Milliwatt
Robert GrantGI2-9970Always Busy
Robert GrantGI2-9971Reorder
Robert GrantGI2-9972Supervision Test (New York Manhatten 753 - from Elmer Cat)
Robert GrantGI2-9979Sweep Tone
Robert GrantGI2-9990Ringback
Robert GrantGI2-9996Loop Around Side A
Robert GrantGI2-9997Loop Around Side B
Jaiden BorichGL1-7075ANAC (Telex Telecom [PSTN: +1(304)451-7075])
Jaiden BorichGL1-7078Livewire Old Ads (+1(304)451-7078)
Jaiden BorichGL1-7080Hi-Smart Laboratories Office Line (+1(304)451-7080)
Jaiden BorichGL1-7081Hi-Smart Labs Office Direct Line (+1(304)451-7081)
Jaiden BorichGL1-7082Hi-Smart Labs Frame Phones (+1(304)451-7082
William English463-1000Classic rock radio HD
William English463-1001Oldies Music
William English463-1212Time number for 463 exchange
Jeremy Gault472-9931Echo Test
Jeremy Gault472-9932Silent Termination
Jeremy Gault472-9960Milliwatt
Jeremy Gault472-9970Busy Permanenté
Jeremy Gault472-9971Reorder Permanenté
Jeremy Gault472-9990Crawlspace Phone (OK 24/7)
Ezra MarinGR8-6111NPSTN DISA
Ezra MarinGR8-6901GRanite8 Switch Verification
Ezra MarinGR8-6931Echo Test
Ezra MarinGR8-6932Silent Termination
Ezra MarinGR8-6958ANAC
Ezra MarinGR8-6960Milliwatt
Ezra MarinGR8-6970Always Busy
Ezra MarinGR8-6971Always Reorder
Ezra MarinGR8-6990Ringout
Kolby SchroerHU3-0000HUdson 3 Operator
Kolby SchroerHU3-00013CX Server/General Contact
Kolby SchroerHU3-0002Fax
Kolby SchroerHU3-0003Uniden UIP 200
Kolby SchroerHU3-0041Loop Around Side A
Kolby SchroerHU3-0042Loop Around Side B
Kolby SchroerHU3-1111HUdson 3 DISA
Kolby SchroerHU3-9000HUdson 3 Conference Bridge
Kolby SchroerHU3-9010title.wma (Windows XP Setup Music)
Kolby SchroerHU3-9011title.wma (Windows Server 2003 Setup Music)
Kolby SchroerHU3-9374Friday Night - Yakuza 0
Kolby SchroerHU3-9905Time (EST)
Kolby SchroerHU3-9906Time Alternate (EST)
Kolby SchroerHU3-9931Echo Test
Kolby SchroerHU3-9932Silent Termination Test
Kolby SchroerHU3-9958Automatic Number Announcement Circuit
Kolby SchroerHU3-9960Milliwatt
Kolby SchroerHU3-9970Busy
Kolby SchroerHU3-9971Reorder
Kolby SchroerHU3-9972Number Not In Service
Kolby SchroerHU3-9973Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Kolby SchroerHU3-9974All Circuits Are Busy
Kolby SchroerHU3-9990Ringout
Kolby SchroerHU3-9996Loop Around Side A
Kolby SchroerHU3-9997Loop Around Side B
Frank KienastHU4-9100Ring all connected voice lines
Frank KienastHU4-9101Cordless Phone ATA
Frank KienastHU4-9102Desktop PC SIP Phone (when connected)
Frank KienastHU4-9103Laptop PC SIP Phone (when connected)
Frank KienastHU4-9104iPhone SIP Phone (when connected)
Frank KienastHU4-9301Milliwatt
Frank KienastHU4-9302Echo Test
Frank KienastHU4-9305Current weather in Westerville, OH (from sensors connected to Raspberry Pi)
Frank KienastHU4-9311ANI (Number and Name)
Frank KienastHU4-9320Voice Playback Effects (lower pitch, raise pitch, chorus, backwards)
Frank KienastHU4-9355Alexa answers your questions (for example try asking "Who made the first long distance telephone call?")
Frank KienastHU4-9401"(SIT) We're sorry, it is not necessary to dial when calling this number. It is not necessary to try your call again when calling this number. Will you please hang up when calling this number."
Frank KienastHU4-9402"(SIT) We're sorry, you must first dial a one or a zero, plus the area code, plus one or zero, plus zero, plus one, plus zero, when calling this number. We're sorry, will you please hang up."
Frank KienastHU4-9411 "(SIT) The call you have made requires a twenty-five cent deposit. Please hang up momentarily, listen for dial tone, deposit twenty-five cents, and dial your call again."
Frank KienastHU4-9412 "Welcome to Verizon Express dial tone service. Please hang up and dial 483 to place your order for telephone service. No other calls are allowed from this telephone."
Frank KienastHU4-9413"We're sorry, the number you have reached is not accepting calls at this time. Thank you, and goodbye."
Frank KienastHU4-9414 "(SIT) The call you have made requires a coin deposit. Please hang up momentarily, listen for dial tone, deposit coin, and try your call again."
Frank KienastHU4-947920 minute recording of voice pagers ("beepers") from scanner, on a weekday afternoon in August, 1978 in Tidewater VA area. Besides normal pages, there are several pages "conferenced" to phone company recordings and services.
Frank KienastHU4-9501NIST Time Station WWV in Fort Collins, CO. Time, standard time intervals, weather, etc. Calls +1 303-499-7111.
Frank KienastHU4-9502 NIST Time Station WWVH in Hilo, HI. Time, standard time intervals, weather, etc. Calls +1 808-335-4363.
Frank KienastHU4-9503Live temperature in Fairbanks, AK. Calls local temperature number +1 907-452-3553.
Frank KienastHU4-9505ShadyTel Voice Message Board. Calls +1 813-469-5930.
Frank KienastHU4-9506A Really Obnoxious IVR. Infinite wait with obnoxious announcements and horrible background music. Calls +1 650-360-4610.
Dag Karlsen527-5736Desktop WE 2500
Terra HickmanLE1-0098Prepay Payphone Trunk (NX1) - Forces Coinzone for LD calls (Calls outside VA6/LE1)
Terra HickmanLE1-0099Prepay Payphone Trunk (NX1) - Coinzone Optional (Coinzone ONLY if Caller ID name is set to Payphone)
Terra HickmanLE1-1000Direct Line to Operator Intercept
Terra HickmanLE1-1001Panasonic Desk Phone (Rings if Available)
Terra HickmanLE1-1111NPSTN DISA
Terra HickmanLE1-1565"Get Stick Bugged" Line
Terra HickmanLE1-1911Panasonic PBX Extension 11 (Desk phone)
Terra HickmanLE1-1999Panasonic PBX Dial-In Access
Terra HickmanLE1-2111531 Conference
Terra HickmanLE1-2600MF Receiver - MF the number to call
Terra HickmanLE1-9901Switch Verification
Terra HickmanLE1-9931Echo Test
Terra HickmanLE1-9932Silent Termination
Terra HickmanLE1-9958ANAC
Terra HickmanLE1-9970Busy Test
Terra HickmanLE1-9971Reorder Test
Terra HickmanLE1-9990Ringout (NX1)
Brian Clancy543-1000Milliwatt
Brian Clancy543-1001Announcement + Milliwatt
Brian Clancy543-1002CLID Readback
Brian Clancy543-1020BT Dial Tone
Brian Clancy543-1021BT Interrupted Dial Tone
Brian Clancy543-1022BT Busy Tone
Brian Clancy543-1023BT Congestion Tone
Brian Clancy543-1024BT Special Congestion Tone
Brian Clancy543-1025BT Number Unobtainable Tone
Brian Clancy543-1026BT Interrupted Ring Tone
Brian Clancy543-1027BT Inverted Ring Tone
Brian Clancy543-1028BT Call Waiting Tone
Brian Clancy543-1029BT Special Waiting Tone
Brian Clancy543-1030BT Special Information Tone
Brian Clancy543-1031BT Payphone Pips
Brian Clancy543-1032BT Confirm Tone
Brian Clancy543-1033BT Switching Tone
Brian Clancy543-1034BT Record Tone
Brian Clancy543-1111Eng. Test 1 [Internal Dial Plan Test]
Brian Clancy543-1112Eng. Test 2 [Internal Dial Plan Test]
Brian Clancy543-1113Eng. Test 3 [Internal Dial Plan Test]
Brian Clancy543-1114Eng. Test 4 [Internal Dial Plan Test]
Brian Clancy543-2520Brian Clancy [Brian UK] – Phone
Brian Clancy543-3230‘20441’ Music
Brian Clancy543-4604Music On Hold
Brian Clancy543-6077Morse Code Test String
Brian Clancy543-9000A Good Laugh
Brian Clancy543-9991Police Information Room
Brian Clancy543-9992New Police Information Room
Brian ClancyLI4-0677Mental Health Hotline
Brian ClancyLI4-1000Announcement + Milliwatt
Brian ClancyLI4-1111Internal exchange dialplan test
Brian ClancyLI4-1112Internal exchange dialplan test
Brian ClancyLI4-1113Internal exchange dialplan test --
Brian ClancyLI4-1958The First STD Call
Brian ClancyLI4-2001Ringtone version 1
Brian ClancyLI4-2002Ringtone version 2
Brian ClancyLI4-2003Ringtone version 3
Brian ClancyLI4-2004Ringtone version 4
Brian ClancyLI4-3473Dial-A-Disc – ‘Monsters’ Music
Brian ClancyLI4-6004Simulated 10PPS Loop Dis. Pulsing
Brian ClancyLI4-6005Simulated SSAC1 Tone Signaling
Brian ClancyLI4-6006Simulated SSAC9 Tone Signaling
Brian ClancyLI4-6007Simulated SSMF2 Tone Signaling
Brian ClancyLI4-6077Morse Code Test String
Brian ClancyLI4-6369Chat
Brian ClancyLI4-7500“Unrecognized Country Code”
Brian ClancyLI4-7501“Unrecognized Number”
Brian ClancyLI4-7510Asterisk DNS Fail
Brian ClancyLI4-7700Test Tone [tones concatenated]
Brian ClancyLI4-7800Unanswered Silent Termination
Brian ClancyLI4-7801Answered Silent Termination
Brian ClancyLI4-7802Answer & Immediately Hang up
Brian ClancyLI4-8463Asterisk Speaking Clock
Dan BlashillLI9-32782500 set in radio room
Erik BerghLI9-9685Payphone 1
Erik BerghLI9-9740Payphone 2
Scott BonkKL5-0000Speaking Clock
Scott BonkKL5-0001Conf Bridge 1
Scott BonkKL5-0002Conf Bridge 2
Scott BonkKL5-0006Echo Test
Scott BonkKL5-0007CallerID Readback
Scott BonkKL5-9253Wake Up Call Service
Howard Harte558-0002Sage 966R Milliwatt (1004Hz) - 24x7 ok, 4 channels
Howard Harte558-0003Sage 966R SMOS Responder - 24x7 ok, 4 channels
Howard Harte558-0004Sage 966R 23-Tone Test - 24x7 ok, 4 channels
Howard Harte558-2500OKI AC125A Crossbar Dialtone - 24x7 ok
Howard Harte558-2513OKI AC125A Operator (x13)
Howard Harte558-2559OKI AC125A Crossbar Attendant #1 (Always Busy) - 24x7 ok
Howard Harte558-2560Pat Fleet time of day (Pacific) via OKI AC125A (x60) - 24x7 ok
Howard Harte558-2569OKI AC125A Crossbar Attendant #2 (Always Busy) - 24x7 ok
Howard Harte558-9905WE 1C2 Payphone with Protel 8000 Chassis
Charles Ross569-0000Rio Rancho Inward Operator
Charles Ross569-0001(Coming Soon) General Information Regarding the RIRNNM0 Office
Charles Ross569-1111RIRNNM0 Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Charles Ross569-2222Primary Voice Line (via SIP trunk to Nortel BCM50 - Appearances on multiple phones throughout the house)
Charles Ross569-3331(Coming Soon) DID for Western Electric 1D2 Payphone #1 (Located in Office)
Charles Ross569-3332(Coming Soon) DID for Western Electric 1D2 Payphone #2 (Located in Garage)
Charles Ross569-8080Main FAX Line (currently a Mac Mini G4 w/ 56k Modem running OS X 10.5)
Charles Ross569-8787MeetMe Conference Bridge (Use Conference ID 302) (Limited to 8 Callers)
Charles Ross569-9887(Coming Soon) DID for RIRNNM0 IDF/Remote Telephone (Nortel Digital Set)
Charles Ross569-9888(Coming Soon) DID for RIRNNM0 MDF/Switchroom Telephone (Western Electric Model 554)
Charles Ross569-9889(Coming Soon) DID for RIRNNM0 MDF/Switchroom Telephone (Nortel Digital Set)
Charles Ross569-9991Echo Test
Charles Ross569-9992Silent Termination
Charles Ross569-9993Continuous Ringing
Charles Ross569-9994Reorder
Charles Ross569-9995Always Busy
Charles Ross569-9996Milliwatt Test
Charles Ross569-9997Milliwatt followed by Silent Termination
Charles Ross569-9998ANAC
Charles Ross569-9999RIRNNM0 Switch Verification Message
Andrew Bennett572-3179Andy Bennett Household
Erik Bergh588-2300Empire Today's 588-2300 Jingle. You can reach this on the PSTN at +1 (607) 588-2300, or +1 (607) 588-2299 and +1 (607) 588-2301.
Harley TravisMA2-0207Voicemail for MA2-9970 (feel free to leave a message)
Harley TravisMA2-1111NPSTN DISA
Harley TravisMA2-1427Opus No. 1 (default Cisco hold music)
Harley TravisMA2-1901MAin2 Switch Verification
Harley TravisMA2-1931Echo test
Harley TravisMA2-1932Silent termination
Harley TravisMA2-1958ANAC
Harley TravisMA2-1960Milliwatt
Harley TravisMA2-1970Busy
Harley TravisMA2-1971Reorder
Harley TravisMA2-1987The Rick Roll Hotline
Harley TravisMA2-1990Ringback
Harley TravisMA2-2009Dreamscape Hotline (classic YouTube music track)
Harley TravisMA2-9970ATA Line 1
Harley TravisMA2-9971Softphone
Harley TravisMA2-9972Softphone 2 (MicroSIP)
Harley TravisMA2-9977Fax
Chris EldridgeMA6-1111Wolf River Telephone: Main Office DISA
Chris EldridgeMA6-2001Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Chris EldridgeMA6-2002Michael Jackson - Rock With You
Chris EldridgeMA6-2003Michael Jackson - Workin' Day And Night
Chris EldridgeMA6-2004Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor
Chris EldridgeMA6-2005Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
Chris EldridgeMA6-2006Michael Jackson - Girlfriend
Chris EldridgeMA6-2007Michael Jackson - She's Out Of My Life
Chris EldridgeMA6-2008Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
Chris EldridgeMA6-2009Michael Jackson - It's The Falling In Love
Chris EldridgeMA6-2010Michael Jackson - Burn This Disco Out
Chris EldridgeMA6-2011Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Chris EldridgeMA6-2012Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine
Chris EldridgeMA6-2013Michael Jackson - The Girl Is Mine
Chris EldridgeMA6-2014Michael Jackson - Thriller
Chris EldridgeMA6-2015Michael Jackson - Beat It
Chris EldridgeMA6-2016Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Chris EldridgeMA6-2017Michael Jackson - Human Nature
Chris EldridgeMA6-2018Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Chris EldridgeMA6-2019Michael Jackson - The Lady In My Life
Chris EldridgeMA6-2020Michael Jackson - Bad
Chris EldridgeMA6-2021Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
Chris EldridgeMA6-2022Michael Jackson - Speed Demon
Chris EldridgeMA6-2023Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl
Chris EldridgeMA6-2024Michael Jackson - Just Good Friends
Chris EldridgeMA6-2025Michael Jackson - Another Part Of Me
Chris EldridgeMA6-2026Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
Chris EldridgeMA6-2027Michael Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Chris EldridgeMA6-2028Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Chris EldridgeMA6-2029Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
Chris EldridgeMA6-2030Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone
Chris EldridgeMA6-2031Michael Jackson - Jam
Chris EldridgeMA6-2032Michael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me
Chris EldridgeMA6-2033Michael Jackson - In The Closet
Chris EldridgeMA6-2034Michael Jackson - She Drives Me Wild
Chris EldridgeMA6-2035Michael Jackson - Remember The Time
Chris EldridgeMA6-2036Michael Jackson - Can't Let Her Get Away
Chris EldridgeMA6-2037Michael Jackson - Heal The World
Chris EldridgeMA6-2038Michael Jackson - Black Or White
Chris EldridgeMA6-2039Michael Jackson - Who Is It
Chris EldridgeMA6-2040Michael Jackson - Give In To Me
Chris EldridgeMA6-2041Michael Jackson - Will You Be There
Chris EldridgeMA6-2042Michael Jackson - Keep The Faith
Chris EldridgeMA6-2043Michael Jackson - Gone Too Soon
Chris EldridgeMA6-2044Michael Jackson - Dangerous
Chris EldridgeMA6-2045Michael Jackson - Scream
Chris EldridgeMA6-2046Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
Chris EldridgeMA6-2047Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow
Chris EldridgeMA6-2048Michael Jackson - This Time Around
Chris EldridgeMA6-2049Michael Jackson - Earth Song
Chris EldridgeMA6-2050Michael Jackson - D.S.
Chris EldridgeMA6-2051Michael Jackson - Money
Chris EldridgeMA6-2052Michael Jackson - Come Together
Chris EldridgeMA6-2053Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
Chris EldridgeMA6-2054Michael Jackson - Childhood
Chris EldridgeMA6-2055Michael Jackson - Tabloid Junkie
Chris EldridgeMA6-2056Michael Jackson - 2 Bad
Chris EldridgeMA6-2057Michael Jackson - HIStory
Chris EldridgeMA6-2058Michael Jackson - Little Susie
Chris EldridgeMA6-2059Michael Jackson - Smile
Chris EldridgeMA6-2060Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor
Chris EldridgeMA6-2061Michael Jackson - Morphine
Chris EldridgeMA6-2062Michael Jackson - Superfly Sister
Chris EldridgeMA6-2063Michael Jackson - Ghosts
Chris EldridgeMA6-2064Michael Jackson - Is It Scary?
Chris EldridgeMA6-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeMA6-9901Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeMA6-9931Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeMA6-9932Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeMA6-9958Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeMA6-9960Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeMA6-9970Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeMA6-9971Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeMA6-9972Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeMA6-9973Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeMA6-9974Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeMA6-9979Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeMA6-9990Wolf River Telephone: Main Office - Always Ring
Chris EldridgeMA6-9991Wolf River Telephone: Main loop around side A
Chris EldridgeMA6-9992Wolf River Telephone: Main loop around side B
Chris EldridgeNE1-1111Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office DISA
Chris EldridgeNE1-1999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-2999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-3999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-4999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-5999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-6999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-7999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeNE1-8001Laffline: 411
Chris EldridgeNE1-8002Laffline: Accident
Chris EldridgeNE1-8003Laffline: Advice
Chris EldridgeNE1-8004Laffline: Analogy
Chris EldridgeNE1-8005Laffline: Analogy 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8006Laffline: Answer Live 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8007Laffline: Answer Live 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8008Laffline: Answer Live 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8009Laffline: Apple
Chris EldridgeNE1-8010Laffline: Bills 2 Pay
Chris EldridgeNE1-8011Laffline: Blue Box
Chris EldridgeNE1-8012Laffline: Brown
Chris EldridgeNE1-8013Laffline: Butcher
Chris EldridgeNE1-8014Laffline: Canibals
Chris EldridgeNE1-8015Laffline: Carrots
Chris EldridgeNE1-8016Laffline: Charlie Tuna
Chris EldridgeNE1-8017Laffline: Cheese
Chris EldridgeNE1-8018Laffline: Chicken
Chris EldridgeNE1-8019Laffline: Chuckle
Chris EldridgeNE1-8020Laffline: Circus
Chris EldridgeNE1-8021Laffline: Daffy Definitions - Light
Chris EldridgeNE1-8022Laffline: Daffy Definitions – Molotov
Chris EldridgeNE1-8023Laffline: Daffy Definitions – Sheet
Chris EldridgeNE1-8024Laffline: Diahrea
Chris EldridgeNE1-8025Laffline: Disconnected
Chris EldridgeNE1-8026Laffline: Don't Shoot Up
Chris EldridgeNE1-8027Laffline: Dough
Chris EldridgeNE1-8028Laffline: Dripstan
Chris EldridgeNE1-8029Laffline: Electric
Chris EldridgeNE1-8030Laffline: Elephant
Chris EldridgeNE1-8031Laffline: Energy
Chris EldridgeNE1-8032Laffline: Etiquitte
Chris EldridgeNE1-8033Laffline: Exorcism 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8034Laffline: Exorcism 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8035Laffline: Falling Rock
Chris EldridgeNE1-8036Laffline: Flat
Chris EldridgeNE1-8037Laffline: General Eccentric
Chris EldridgeNE1-8038Laffline: Germs
Chris EldridgeNE1-8039Laffline: Gibbons
Chris EldridgeNE1-8040Laffline: Good and Bad
Chris EldridgeNE1-8041Laffline: Greek Urn
Chris EldridgeNE1-8042Laffline: Grumpy
Chris EldridgeNE1-8043Laffline: Gulp
Chris EldridgeNE1-8044Laffline: Hair Biz
Chris EldridgeNE1-8045Laffline: Hang up
Chris EldridgeNE1-8046Laffline: Helena
Chris EldridgeNE1-8047Laffline: Help Thy Neighbor
Chris EldridgeNE1-8048Laffline: Insomnia
Chris EldridgeNE1-8049Laffline: Jello
Chris EldridgeNE1-8050Laffline: Jingle
Chris EldridgeNE1-8051Laffline: Joke Week
Chris EldridgeNE1-8052Laffline: KK Hey Hey
Chris EldridgeNE1-8053Laffline: Leak
Chris EldridgeNE1-8054Laffline: Line Man
Chris EldridgeNE1-8055Laffline: Live Promo 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8056Laffline: Live Promo 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8057Laffline: Logo Contest
Chris EldridgeNE1-8058Laffline: Looney Tunes
Chris EldridgeNE1-8059Laffline: Mental
Chris EldridgeNE1-8060Laffline: Mike Kramer
Chris EldridgeNE1-8061Laffline: News Flash
Chris EldridgeNE1-8062Laffline: Nixon
Chris EldridgeNE1-8063Laffline: Old Tapes
Chris EldridgeNE1-8064Laffline: One Liners
Chris EldridgeNE1-8065Laffline: Operation
Chris EldridgeNE1-8066Laffline: Pacific Hospital
Chris EldridgeNE1-8067Laffline: Pardon Me
Chris EldridgeNE1-8068Laffline: Pencils
Chris EldridgeNE1-8069Laffline: Pick
Chris EldridgeNE1-8070Laffline: Pollution
Chris EldridgeNE1-8071Laffline: Poster Contest 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8072Laffline: Poster Contest 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8073Laffline: Promo 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8074Laffline: Promo 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8075Laffline: Promo 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8076Laffline: Promo 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8077Laffline: Promo 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8078Laffline: Promo 6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8079Laffline: Proverbs
Chris EldridgeNE1-8080Laffline: Quickie
Chris EldridgeNE1-8081Laffline: Radio Station
Chris EldridgeNE1-8082Laffline: Repair
Chris EldridgeNE1-8083Laffline: Reverse
Chris EldridgeNE1-8084Laffline: Saps
Chris EldridgeNE1-8085Laffline: Sea food
Chris EldridgeNE1-8086Laffline: Secretary
Chris EldridgeNE1-8087Laffline: Seymour 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8088Laffline: Seymour 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8089Laffline: Shell Answer Man
Chris EldridgeNE1-8090Laffline: Smoking
Chris EldridgeNE1-8091Laffline: Something
Chris EldridgeNE1-8092Laffline: Staff Meeting
Chris EldridgeNE1-8093Laffline: Star Trek
Chris EldridgeNE1-8094Laffline: Steal
Chris EldridgeNE1-8095Laffline: Streak
Chris EldridgeNE1-8096Laffline: Stupid Questions 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8097Laffline: Stupid Questions 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8098Laffline: Stupid Questions 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8099Laffline: Stupid Questions 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8100Laffline: Stupid Questions 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8101Laffline: Stupid Questions 6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8102Laffline: Stu Smokestak
Chris EldridgeNE1-8103Laffline: The Bar
Chris EldridgeNE1-8104Laffline: The Bet
Chris EldridgeNE1-8105Laffline: Time Lady
Chris EldridgeNE1-8106Laffline: Time Lady 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8107Laffline: Track 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8108Laffline: Track 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8109Laffline: Track 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8110Laffline: Track 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8111Laffline: Track 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8112Laffline: Track 6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8113Laffline: Track 7
Chris EldridgeNE1-8114Laffline: Track 8
Chris EldridgeNE1-8115Laffline: Unfinished
Chris EldridgeNE1-8116Laffline: Unusual City
Chris EldridgeNE1-8117Laffline: Used
Chris EldridgeNE1-8118Laffline: VOC1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8119Laffline: VOC2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8120Laffline: VOC3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8121Laffline: VOC4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8122Laffline: VOC5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8123Laffline: VOC6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8124Laffline: Waste Away
Chris EldridgeNE1-8125Laffline: Water
Chris EldridgeNE1-8126Laffline: Whine
Chris EldridgeNE1-8127Laffline: Winner
Chris EldridgeNE1-8128Laffline: Worthless
Chris EldridgeNE1-8130Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8131Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8132Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8133Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8134Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8135Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8136Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8137Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8138Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8139Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8140Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8141Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 7
Chris EldridgeNE1-8142Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 8
Chris EldridgeNE1-8143Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 9
Chris EldridgeNE1-8144Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 10
Chris EldridgeNE1-8145Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 11
Chris EldridgeNE1-8146Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 12
Chris EldridgeNE1-8147Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 13
Chris EldridgeNE1-8148Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 14
Chris EldridgeNE1-8149Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 15
Chris EldridgeNE1-8150Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 16
Chris EldridgeNE1-8151Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 17
Chris EldridgeNE1-8152Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 18
Chris EldridgeNE1-8153Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 19
Chris EldridgeNE1-8154Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 20
Chris EldridgeNE1-8155Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 21
Chris EldridgeNE1-8156Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 22
Chris EldridgeNE1-8157Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 23
Chris EldridgeNE1-8158Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 24
Chris EldridgeNE1-8159Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 25
Chris EldridgeNE1-8160Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 26
Chris EldridgeNE1-8161Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 27
Chris EldridgeNE1-8162Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 28
Chris EldridgeNE1-8163Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 29
Chris EldridgeNE1-8164Dial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 30
Chris EldridgeNE1-8165Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8166Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8167Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8168Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8169Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8170Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8171Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 7
Chris EldridgeNE1-8172Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 8
Chris EldridgeNE1-8173Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 9
Chris EldridgeNE1-8174Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 10
Chris EldridgeNE1-8175Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 11
Chris EldridgeNE1-8176Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 12
Chris EldridgeNE1-8177Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 13
Chris EldridgeNE1-8178Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 14
Chris EldridgeNE1-8179Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 15
Chris EldridgeNE1-8180Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 16
Chris EldridgeNE1-8181Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 17
Chris EldridgeNE1-8182Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 18
Chris EldridgeNE1-8183Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 19
Chris EldridgeNE1-8184Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 20
Chris EldridgeNE1-8185Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 21
Chris EldridgeNE1-8186Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 22
Chris EldridgeNE1-8187Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 23
Chris EldridgeNE1-8188Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 24
Chris EldridgeNE1-8189Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 25
Chris EldridgeNE1-8190Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 26
Chris EldridgeNE1-8191Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 27
Chris EldridgeNE1-8192Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 28
Chris EldridgeNE1-8193Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 29
Chris EldridgeNE1-8194Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 30
Chris EldridgeNE1-8195Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 31
Chris EldridgeNE1-8196Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 32
Chris EldridgeNE1-8197Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 33
Chris EldridgeNE1-8198Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 34
Chris EldridgeNE1-8199Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 35
Chris EldridgeNE1-8200Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 36
Chris EldridgeNE1-8201Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 37
Chris EldridgeNE1-8202Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 38
Chris EldridgeNE1-8203Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 39
Chris EldridgeNE1-8204Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 40
Chris EldridgeNE1-8205Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 41
Chris EldridgeNE1-8206Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 42
Chris EldridgeNE1-8207Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 43
Chris EldridgeNE1-8208Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 44
Chris EldridgeNE1-8209Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 45
Chris EldridgeNE1-8210Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 46
Chris EldridgeNE1-8211Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 47
Chris EldridgeNE1-8212Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 48
Chris EldridgeNE1-8213Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 49
Chris EldridgeNE1-8214Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 50
Chris EldridgeNE1-8215Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 51
Chris EldridgeNE1-8216Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 52
Chris EldridgeNE1-8217Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 53
Chris EldridgeNE1-8218Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 54
Chris EldridgeNE1-8219Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 55
Chris EldridgeNE1-8220Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 56
Chris EldridgeNE1-8221Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 57
Chris EldridgeNE1-8222Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 58
Chris EldridgeNE1-8223Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 59
Chris EldridgeNE1-8224Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 60
Chris EldridgeNE1-8225Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 61
Chris EldridgeNE1-8226Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 62
Chris EldridgeNE1-8227Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 63
Chris EldridgeNE1-8228Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 64
Chris EldridgeNE1-8229Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 65
Chris EldridgeNE1-8230Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 66
Chris EldridgeNE1-8231Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 67
Chris EldridgeNE1-8232Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 68
Chris EldridgeNE1-8233Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 69
Chris EldridgeNE1-8234Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 70
Chris EldridgeNE1-8235Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 71
Chris EldridgeNE1-8236Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 72
Chris EldridgeNE1-8237Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 73
Chris EldridgeNE1-8238Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 74
Chris EldridgeNE1-8239Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 75
Chris EldridgeNE1-8240Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 76
Chris EldridgeNE1-8241Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 77
Chris EldridgeNE1-8242Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 78
Chris EldridgeNE1-8243Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 79
Chris EldridgeNE1-8244Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 80
Chris EldridgeNE1-8245Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 81
Chris EldridgeNE1-8246Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 82
Chris EldridgeNE1-8247Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 83
Chris EldridgeNE1-8248Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 84
Chris EldridgeNE1-8249Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 85
Chris EldridgeNE1-8250Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 86
Chris EldridgeNE1-8251Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 87
Chris EldridgeNE1-8252Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 88
Chris EldridgeNE1-8253Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 89
Chris EldridgeNE1-8254Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 90
Chris EldridgeNE1-8255Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 91
Chris EldridgeNE1-8256Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 92
Chris EldridgeNE1-8257Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 93
Chris EldridgeNE1-8258Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 94
Chris EldridgeNE1-8259Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 95
Chris EldridgeNE1-8260Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 96
Chris EldridgeNE1-8261Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 97
Chris EldridgeNE1-8262Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 98
Chris EldridgeNE1-8263Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 99
Chris EldridgeNE1-8264Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 100
Chris EldridgeNE1-8265Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 101
Chris EldridgeNE1-8266Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 102
Chris EldridgeNE1-8267Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 103
Chris EldridgeNE1-8268Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 104
Chris EldridgeNE1-8269Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 105
Chris EldridgeNE1-8270Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 106
Chris EldridgeNE1-8271Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 107
Chris EldridgeNE1-8272Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 108
Chris EldridgeNE1-8273Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 109
Chris EldridgeNE1-8274Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 110
Chris EldridgeNE1-8275Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 111
Chris EldridgeNE1-8276Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 112
Chris EldridgeNE1-8277Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 113
Chris EldridgeNE1-8278Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 114
Chris EldridgeNE1-8279Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 115
Chris EldridgeNE1-8280Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 116
Chris EldridgeNE1-8281Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 117
Chris EldridgeNE1-8282Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 118
Chris EldridgeNE1-8283Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 119
Chris EldridgeNE1-8284Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 120
Chris EldridgeNE1-8285Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 121
Chris EldridgeNE1-8286Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 122
Chris EldridgeNE1-8287Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 123
Chris EldridgeNE1-8288Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 124
Chris EldridgeNE1-8289Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 125
Chris EldridgeNE1-8290Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 126
Chris EldridgeNE1-8291Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 127
Chris EldridgeNE1-8292Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 128
Chris EldridgeNE1-8293Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 129
Chris EldridgeNE1-8294Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 130
Chris EldridgeNE1-8295Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 131
Chris EldridgeNE1-8296Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 132
Chris EldridgeNE1-8297Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 133
Chris EldridgeNE1-8298Dial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 134
Chris EldridgeNE1-8300Convex Joke Line 1
Chris EldridgeNE1-8301Convex Joke Line 2
Chris EldridgeNE1-8302Convex Joke Line 3
Chris EldridgeNE1-8303Convex Joke Line 4
Chris EldridgeNE1-8304Convex Joke Line 5
Chris EldridgeNE1-8305Convex Joke Line 6
Chris EldridgeNE1-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeNE1-9901Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeNE1-9931Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeNE1-9932Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeNE1-9958Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeNE1-9960Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeNE1-9970Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeNE1-9971Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeNE1-9972Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeNE1-9973Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeNE1-9974Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeNE1-9979Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeNE1-9990Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Always Ring
Chris EldridgeNE1-9999Wolf River Telephone: Neptune Office - Changed Number
Chris EldridgeMI4-1111Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office DISA
Chris EldridgeMI4-9901Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office – Verification
Chris EldridgeMI4-9931Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeMI4-9932Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeMI4-9958Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeMI4-9960Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeMI4-9970Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeMI4-9971Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeMI4-9972Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeMI4-9973Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeMI4-9974Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeMI4-9979Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeMI4-9990Wolf River Telephone: Midway Office - Always Ring
Chris EldridgeMI5-1001What Did the Old Telephone Network Sound Like? Overview of the Recordings (rough draft)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1002Network Sounds of the 70's, part 1 (1971-1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1003Network Sounds of the 70's, part 2 (1976-1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1201How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-1202How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 2
Chris EldridgeMI5-1203How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 3: Atlanta in Sept., 1970
Chris EldridgeMI5-1204How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 4
Chris EldridgeMI5-1205How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 5
Chris EldridgeMI5-1206How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 6
Chris EldridgeMI5-1207How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 7: The Dark Side of "Party Lines," November 1970
Chris EldridgeMI5-1208How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm.8: Kennedy Airport Phone Trip, December 1970
Chris EldridgeMI5-1209How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 9 (Nov-Dec 1970)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1210How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 10, December 1970
Chris EldridgeMI5-1300The Sounds of Long Distance, Introduction
Chris EldridgeMI5-1301The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 1: Calls to Centralized Intercept (February 1977, June 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1302The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 2: The Hempstead-White Plains Route (June 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1303The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 3:Anecdotes, Centralized Intercept, #5 Crossbar (February 1977, June 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1304The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 4: An Assortments of Calls via Hempstead Tandem 3 (June 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1305The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 5: Centralized Intercept Calls via New York 7 (February 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1306The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 6: Calls to NY State's 315 NPA (Summer 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1307The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 7: More calls to NY State's 315 NPA (Summer 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1308The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 8: DDD from Panel, 4M Dialpulsing (1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1309The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 9: DDD from #1 Crossbar, ANI Failures, NX1 Sounds (1974-1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1310The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 10: Calls to -- and through -- NX1's (1974-1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1311The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 11: Centralized Intercept, NX1 Test Board, NX1 Tandem calls (1974-1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1312The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 12: More NX1's, Receiving a Stacked Call, Hempstead-White Plains Route (1974-1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1313The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 13: DDD Demo Recordings (1971-1975), SP1 Tandems (1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1314The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 14: SP1's, SFing Augusta Step Tandem (1976-77)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1315The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 15: 4M & XBT Audible Dialpulsing, Calling France, Forced Reroutes (1974-1982)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1316The Sounds of Long Distance, pgm 16: 4A’s Revertive Pulsing, Short Long Distance NYC to NJ (1974-1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1401Classic Tandem Stacking (January, 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1402The MF Boogie Blues 1 by Kim Lingo, early 1971
Chris EldridgeMI5-1403Phreaks from Esquire article on "052" conference, part 1 (January, 1972)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1404Phreaks from Esquire article on "052" conference, part 2 (January, 1972)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1405The MF Boogie Blues 2 by Kim Lingo, early 1971
Chris EldridgeMI5-1406Phreaks and Folks on Hempstead NY Vacant Code Conference, part 1 (June, 1971)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1407Dialing Those Mysterious "1xx" and "0xx" Codes (1974-1980)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1408Dialing the "1xx" Codes from Greenville NC Coin Phones, part 1 (1978,1980)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1409Dialing the "1xx" Codes from Greenville NC Coin Phones, part 2 (1978,1980)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1410A HiFi 914 Routings tape, part 1 (December, 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1411A HiFi 914 Routings tape, part 2 (1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1412The (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 1 (1982, 1983)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1413The (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 2 (1983, 1985)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1414The (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 3 (1983)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1415The (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 4 (1983, 1987)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1416Bill Acker demonstrating Jacksonville, NC Step by Step switch in a taped letter to another phone phreak (Carolina Tel & Tel) (April 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1417Intro program to the "Exploring the Life Insurance Tie-lines" series, Fall 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1418Exploring the Life Insurance Tie-lines, pgm 1 PARTIAL, Fall 1976 (ends abruptly)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1419SF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 1, 1979
Chris EldridgeMI5-1420SF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 2, 1979
Chris EldridgeMI5-1421SF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 3, 1979
Chris EldridgeMI5-1422SF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 4, 1979
Chris EldridgeMI5-1423Researching Atlanta's most rules-compliant COCOTs with Les, February 1986, part 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-1424Researching Atlanta's most rules-compliant COCOTs with Les, February 1986, part 2
Chris EldridgeMI5-1425Rough Draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 4: Phreaking via Warwick (December 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1426Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 5: More Warwick Phreaking (1975-76) (Final Version)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1427STACKING local offices: Elizabeth City NC Area part 3 (Summer, 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1501GEdney 9 Panel in Brooklyn NY, part 1 (November, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1502GEdney 9 Panel in Brooklyn NY, part 2 (November, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1503GEdney 9 Panel in Brooklyn NY, part 3 (November, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1504NEptune 4 #1 Crossbar in Belle Harbor, Queens: Local Routings, part 1 (May, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1505NYC Routings, program 1970A
Chris EldridgeMI5-1506NYC Routings, program 1970B
Chris EldridgeMI5-1507NYC Routings, Program 1973C
Chris EldridgeMI5-1508NYC Routings, Program 1973D
Chris EldridgeMI5-1509The Bronx pgm. 1A: #1 Crossbar in the Grand Concourse C.O., 1972-78
Chris EldridgeMI5-1510The Bronx pgm. 1B: Grand Concourse #1 Crossbar, Pulse Conversion, Vesey 2 (1972-78)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1511The Bronx pgm. 1C: #1 Crossbar in the Grand Concourse C.O., Jan 1978
Chris EldridgeMI5-1512Ben's Tapes 08 - Calls from Belle Harbor #1 Crossbar incl. Suburban Panel Sender Tandem and old Houston SAIS (December 1973)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1513Ben's Tapes 09 through 21 (Program A) (Early 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1514Ben's Tapes 09 through 21 (Program B) (Late 1973 / Early 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1515How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm.8: Kennedy Airport Phone Trip, December 1970
Chris EldridgeMI5-1516Panel Pulsing Lover's Tape (1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1517What Was 4-5-0? Getting Into the Test Lines & Mechanical Tones of the NY Area, 1971-77 (Part 1 of 3)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1518What Was 4-5-0? Getting Into the Test Lines & Mechanical Tones of the NY Area, 1971-77 (Part 2 of 3)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1519What Was 4-5-0? Getting Into the Test Lines & Mechanical Tones of the NY Area, 1971-77 (Part 3 of 3)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1601Tidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 2: Step in Colonial Beach (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1602Tidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 3: NX2 in Ladysmith (August, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1603Tidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 4: Step in Bowling Green (Summer, 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1604Tidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 5: NX2 in Hague (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1605Local Coin Control in the 1970s (1975-1978, 2001)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1606Step in Harrisonburg VA, part 1 (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1607Step in Harrisonburg VA, part 2 (August, 1976)(Includes "Local Carrier Sounds" Demo, 1974-1986)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1608Step Tributaries of Harrisonburg VA, part 1 (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1609Step Tributaries of Harrisonburg VA, part 2 (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1610Toll Station in Shenandoah National Park VA, (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1611Step in Front Royal VA, August 1976 - listening with Bill in 2013
Chris EldridgeMI5-1612Bell #1 Step with CDO tones in Martinsburg WV, August 1976 - listening with Bill in 2013
Chris EldridgeMI5-1613Rough Draft of XY Step in Greencastle PA (August 1976) Narrated with Bill Acker
Chris EldridgeMI5-1614NX1 Crossbar in Chambersburg PA (August 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1615XY Step in Fayetteville PA, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1616Independent Steps in Gettysburg PA, Luray VA, and South Hill VA, including Callback Circuit Phreaking (August, 1976, April, 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1617NX1 Crossbar in New Oxford PA (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1618Step in Rawlinsville PA. August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1619ESC in Quarryville PA (August 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1620Step in Gap, PA (August 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1621Conestoga Tel&Tel pgm. 1: ESC in Morgantown PA, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1622Conestoga Tel&Tel pgm. 2: Step in Birdsboro PA, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1623Conestoga Tel&Tel pgm. 3: Step in Oley PA, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1624Step with "St. Thomas" Dial Tone in New Tripoli PA, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1625#1 ESS in Allentown PA including Coin Zone, August 1976 (some 1974 stuff from Long Island included)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1626Step in Pen Argyl PA, (August 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1627NX1 Crossbar in Belvedere NJ plus miscellaneous digressions (August 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1628Step in Oxford NJ, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1629Step in Great Meadows NJ, August 1976
Chris EldridgeMI5-1630Maryland Phone Trips, part 3: The Only Independent (August, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1631Stromberg-Carlson ESC in Chancellor VA, (August, 1976) (Remastered in 2016)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1632Fredericksburg VA #5 Crossbar (August, 1976) (Remastered in 2016)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1633Tidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 1: Barely Recordable Places (August 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1701Carolina Tel. part 1: Step with ESS tones in Washington NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1702All Relay system in Pinetown NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1703Carolina Tel. part 2: Step in Belhaven NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1704Carolina Tel. part 3: LD Calls from Greenville NX1 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1705Carolina Tel. part 4: NX1-E in Vanceboro NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1706Carolina Tel. part 5: Step with "GTE" ring in Williamston NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1707Carolina Tel. part 6: Step with no E.A.S. in Windsor NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1708Step With Directors: Elizabeth City NC Area part 1 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1709Step With Directors: Elizabeth City NC Area part 2 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1710All Relay system in Pinetown NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1711STACKING local offices: Elizabeth City NC Area part 3 (Summer, 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1712Step With Directors, More Details: Elizabeth City NC Area part 4 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1713Step With Directors, A Closer C.O.: Elizabeth City NC Area part 5 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1714Carolina Tel. part 7: Step homing on an NX1 in Farmville NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1715Carolina Tel. part 8: Step C.D.O. in Stantonsburg NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1716Carolina Tel. part 9: A Larger Step in Wilson NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1717Two Faces of Carolina Telephone: Steps in Kenly and Clayton NC, part 1 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1718Two Faces of Carolina Telephone: Steps in Kenly and Clayton NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1719"Classic" XY Step in Fuquay-Varina NC, part 1 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1720"Classic" XY Step in Fuquay-Varina NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1721XY Step (non-typical) in Sanford NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1722Typical XY Steps in Goldston & Bonlee NC, part 1 (March, 1977) (Includes "Step is Weird" Demonstration from Bell Step CDO in Sperryville VA, May, 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1723Typical XY Steps in Goldston & Bonlee NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1724NX1 in Siler City NC via Motel PBX (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1725Step-NX1 Symbiosis in Siler City NC (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1726Step in Ramseur NC, part 1 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1727Step in Ramseur NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1728Asheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 1) (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1729Asheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 2) (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1730Asheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 3) (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1731Asheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 4) (Summer 1986)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1732Monroe, NC (Stromberg-Carlson XY) (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1733Rock Hill Telephone Company (Part 1) - Fort Mill, SC Stromberg-Carlson ESC (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1734Rock Hill Telephone Company (Part 2) - Rock Hill, SC AE Step (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1735Rock Hill Telephone Company (Part 3) - Rock Hill, SC #1EAX (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1736Senderized XY Step in Lexington SC, pgm. 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-1737Senderized XY Step in Lexington SC, pgm. 2
Chris EldridgeMI5-1738Senderized XY Step in Lexington SC, pgm. 3 (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1739Bell #355 Step on a Long Cable Pair from Batesburg, SC (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1740XY Step with TSD in Saluda SC (March 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1741Bell #355 Step on a Long Cable Pair from Edgefield SC, March 1977 plus digressions
Chris EldridgeMI5-1742GTE/Leich CXP-5 Crosspoint Switch in McCormick SC part 1, March 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-1743GTE/Leich CXP-5's: McCormick SC part 2, March 1977; Stanardsville VA outage, Feb 1981
Chris EldridgeMI5-1801Early 80s Phreaking, Pgm 1: Janning-by-Apple, Analog Answering machines survey and more
Chris EldridgeMI5-1802Early 80sPhreaking, Pgm. 2: The Apple finds a CCSA network (Warning: Lots of technobabble)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1803Early 80s Phreaking pgm. 3: George, The Interactive Answering Machine
Chris EldridgeMI5-1804Early 80s Phreaking pgm 4: More CCSA & the Sportsline Prank, 1982
Chris EldridgeMI5-1805Early80s Pgm 5: Effect of CCIS on Phreaking, Olney SF'ing, 1981-83
Chris EldridgeMI5-1806Early 80's pgm. 6: Olney IL Senderized Step Tandem incl. SF'ing, April 1981
Chris EldridgeMI5-1807Early 80s Pgm.7: My Line Cutover & Homemade Looparound in 1980
Chris EldridgeMI5-1808Early80's Pgm. 8: The 526 Conference Begins, May 1981
Chris EldridgeMI5-1809Early 80s Pgm. 9: The 526 Conference Ends, May 1981
Chris EldridgeMI5-1810Early 80s pgm. 10: Cognitronics' Early Announcing Systems on Phone and Short Wave (1972 - 1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1811Early 80s pgm. 11: Troubles in Rome GA (July 1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1812Early 80s pgm. 12: Oil Company CCSA (continued)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1813Early 80s pgm. 13: Odd Ring Tones, A Remote New York City Dialtone, Time Announcements, 1981 - 1983
Chris EldridgeMI5-1814Researching ConTelNet CCSA, pgm. 1, July 1980
Chris EldridgeMI5-1815Researching ConTelNet CCSA, pgm. 2, July 1980
Chris EldridgeMI5-1901Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 1 (August 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1902Rough Draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 2 (August 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1903Rough draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 3 (November 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1904Rough Draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 4: Phreaking via Warwick (December 1975)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1905Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 5: More Warwick Phreaking (1975-76) (Final Version)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1906Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 6 (Final Version)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1907Warwick and the 914 Area pgm. 7: Senderized Step in Washingtonville NY, February 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-1908Warwick and the 914 Area pgm. 8: Senderized Step in Monroe NY, February 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-1909Warwick and the 914 Area pgm. 9: Monroe Sector called from NYC, Senderized Step in Chester NY, 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-1910Warwick and the 914 Area pgm. 10: Stromberg ESC/PL1 in Warwick NY, Feb. 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-1911Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 11: Local calls from Florida NY Step (February 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1912Warwick and the 914 Area, pgm. 12: Long Distance Calls from Florida NY Step (February 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1913Warwick & 914, pgm. 13: Nyack XBT Sector via N1 Carrier from Mamaroneck NY #5 Crossbar (July 1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-1914Warwick & 914 #14: Nyack Sector via N1 Carrier from Mamaroneck NY #5 Crossbar, continued (July 1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2001So. California Phone Trips part 1: Van Nuys #5 Crossbar (Summer, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2002So. California Phone Trips part 2: Misc. Van Nuys Phun Stuff (Summer, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2003So. California Phone Trips part 3: GTE Step in Indio (Summer, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2004Bell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 1 (Sept., 1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2005Bell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 2 (Sept., 1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2006Bell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 3 (Sept., 1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2007Bell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 4 (Sept., 1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2008NX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 1 (June, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2009NX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 2 (June, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2010NX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 2 (June, 1974) (Extended Version)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2011NX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 3 (June, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2012Supplemental Sounds of Step, part 1 (1974,'77,'80)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2013Supplemental Sounds of Step, part 2, Atlanta's TRinity office (1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2014Supplemental Sounds of Step, part 3, Atlanta's TRinity office (1979)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2015Florida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 1: Salt Springs and Crystal River  FL, 1978
Chris EldridgeMI5-2016Florida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 2: Ocala-Silver springs, May 1982
Chris EldridgeMI5-2017Florida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm. 3 (Ocala-Silver Springs 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2018Florida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm. 4 (Ocala-Silver Springs 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2019Florida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 5: Ocala-Silver springs, May 1982 (from motel PBX)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2020Florida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 6: Ocala-Silver springs, May 1982 (from motel PBX)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2021"Not Jane" and the Commerce GA Area Pgm. 1(1973-1983)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2022Commerce GA Area, Pgm. 2: Sounds from Maysvile, Pendergrass and Jefferson XYs, April 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-2023The Commerce GA Area, Pgm. 3: Sounds from Commerce NX1; Homer & Braselton XYs (April 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2024Hahira, GA NX2 Crossbar (March 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2025Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, Introduction to Woodbridge-Occoquan-Lorton (June 1973, August 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2026Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 1: The Local Area From Woodbridge-Occoquan (August 1977, October 1973)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2027Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 2: changes in the Occoquan switch, 1973 to 1977 (October 1973, August 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2028Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 3: Manassas in 1976 (May, June 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2029Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 4: Dale City in October 1973
Chris EldridgeMI5-2030Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 5: Dale City, Rewired (August 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2031Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 6: Long Distance from Dale City; Virginia Suburbs of D.C. from Occoquan-Lorton (August 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2032Woodbridge, VA 1973 (REVISED)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2033Step in Nantes Quebec, part 1 (August, 2001)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2034Step in Nantes Quebec, part 2 (August, 2001)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2035Step in Nantes Quebec, part 3 Warning: LOTS of technobabble. (August, 2001)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2036Wellfleet, MA Map, Part 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-2037Wellfleet, MA Map, Part 2
Chris EldridgeMI5-2038Some LD calls from coin and home phones in Wellfleet, MA (July, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2039Step-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 1 (October, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2040Step-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 2 (October, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2041Step-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 3 (October, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2042Step-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 4 (October, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2043Step-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 5 (October, 1977)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2044Maryland Phone Trips, part 1 (Fall, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2045Maryland Phone Trips, part 2 (Fall, 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2046CX-1000 All Relay System in Benson VT (1974, 1976, Summer, 1978)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2047Bell #355 Step in Kent CT (August 1980)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2048UNEDITED ORIGINAL - Greenville, NC NX1 Crossbar (1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2049Marietta, GA Step (Introduction)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2050Marietta, GA Step, Part 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-2051Marietta, GA Step, Part 2
Chris EldridgeMI5-2052Marietta, GA Step, Part 3
Chris EldridgeMI5-2053Network Sounds of the 70's, part 1 (1971-1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2054Network Sounds of the 70's, part 2 (1976-1981)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2101Permanent Signal Recordings (1971-1983)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2102Two Early Voice Recognition Systems (1972-74, 1980)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2103Ring and Busy Tones in North America, a 1970s Narration, 1971-73
Chris EldridgeMI5-2104Outtakes In Context 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-2105My Introduction To Shortwave Radio pgm. 1, 1968-70
Chris EldridgeMI5-2106My Introduction To Shortwave Radio pgm. 2, 1968-70
Chris EldridgeMI5-2107Opening sounder for Los Angeles Joke Line "Z", circa 1971
Chris EldridgeMI5-2108Al Bernay Comment Tape Excerpts (July, 1976)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2109Conversation with Tom Duffy (1972)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2110Questions for Evan Doorbell from Brad Sept 2015 (part 1)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2111Questions for Evan Doorbell from Brad Sept 2015 (part 2)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2112Questions for Evan Doorbell from Brad Sept 2015 (part 3)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2113"Merry Christmas" ID for The Beyond Radio Network
Chris EldridgeMI5-2114How to simulate the Automatic Intercept System (AIS) using modern techniques
Chris EldridgeMI5-2115The 96 tracks used in the Automatic Intercept System (AIS)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2116The (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, Highlights
Chris EldridgeMI5-2117Martin Explains #5 Crossbar to Me at the Telephone Museum Ellsworth Maine, September 2016 (all)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2118Kalehoff Heaven 1
Chris EldridgeMI5-2119A non-perfect recording of the PERFECT World's First AIS in Hempstead NY, 1972
Chris EldridgeMI5-2120The Analog Telephone System Show #001
Chris EldridgeMI5-2121The Analog Telephone System Show #002
Chris EldridgeMI5-2122The Analog Telephone System Show #003
Chris EldridgeMI5-2123The Analog Telephone System Show #004
Chris EldridgeMI5-2124Raw Tape 732 - Hempstead 5167 "N" Recording Conference, April 1971
Chris EldridgeMI5-2125Raw Tape 1065 p1 - Stone Mountain GA's small step switch's last days, 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-2126Raw Tape 1065 p2 - Atlanta's "52" downtown step, Sept. 1977
Chris EldridgeMI5-2127UNNARRATED - Jane Barbe Audichron voice samples from Greenville, NC (December 1974)
Chris EldridgeMI5-2128UNNARRATED - Jane Barbie Examples
Erik BerghOS3-4559O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle
Rudy ValenciaOR7-0000HMNC - Main IVR (any 0xxx works)
Rudy ValenciaOR7-1002Time & Temperature (Greeley, CO) by MtnHell
Rudy ValenciaOR7-1124Switch Verification
Rudy ValenciaOR7-1212Redirect to Free 411
Rudy ValenciaOR7-6000Rudy Valencia
Rudy ValenciaOR7-6001Rob Butler
Rudy ValenciaOR7-6002Dylan Cruz
Noah Shoesmith684-7001NTI Technical Support Line (London, UK)
Paul AshMU7-6000MUseum7 - Main Number - (London, UK, GMT 1800-2200)
Paul AshMU7-9958MUseum7 - ANAC - (24/7)
Connections MuseumRA2-0099busy line with flashing sup
Connections MuseumRA2-5234candlestick @ OGT desk
Connections MuseumRA2-5580key-ended OGT desk test line
Connections MuseumRA2-5678202 rotary @ OGT desk
Connections MuseumRA2-5750653 wall set
Connections MuseumRA2-5755spacesaver @ interrupter frame
Connections MuseumRA2-5945ring no answer
Shaun Barton-Collins725-0100Manual Switchboard (UK Time Zone)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-0846TIM 2000 (UK Time)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1111Disa for NPSTN
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1112Disa for Cnet
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1113Office Phone (UK Time Zone)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1114Office Phone (UK Time Zone)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1320PABX5 Extn. 20 (5 exchange lines and 20 extensions. Uni-selector based PABX. NPSTN # range 725-1520 thru 725-1539)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1330PABX5 Extn. 30 Display Phone (There is a time of day access restriction to this PABX)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1539PABX5 Extn. 39 Display Phone (There is a time of day access restriction to this PABX)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1710PABX7 Extn. 210 (20 exchange lines and 100 extensions. Uni-selector and Step relay sets form the basis of the PABX7. NPSTN # range 725-210 thru 725-1259).
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1711PABX7 Extn. 211 Red Gecko Display Phone
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1712PABX7 Extn. 212 Black Gecko Display Phone
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1713PABX7 Extn. 213 Green Gecko Display Phone
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1714PABX7 Extn. 214 Ivory Diakon Telephone 706 Display Phone
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1740PABX7 Extn. 240 PABX Room
Shaun Barton-Collins725-1759PABX7 Extn. 259 Manual Extension Terminates on Line 9 of 10+50 manual SWBD as a inter-PBX circuit
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9220Line 3 of BT Inspiration
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9230Line 4 of BT Inspiration
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9300All 10 lines of the PABX3 SWBD ring at the same time you are connected to the fist line that answers.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9301Line 1 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9302Line 2 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9303Line 3 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9304Line 4 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9305Line 5 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9306Line 6 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9307Line 7 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9308Line 8 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9309Line 9 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9310Line 10 of PABX3 SWBD Manual SWBD with auto extensions.
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9501ATA terminated on switchboard
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9502ATA terminated on switchboard
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9521Shane Warnes (UK Time Zone)
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9771UAX13 Subscriber to Line 1 of PMBX 10+50
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9772UAX13 Subscriber to Line 2 of PMBX 10+50
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9773UAX13 Subscriber to Line 3 of PMBX 10+50
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9774UAX13 Subscriber to Line 4 of PMBX 10+50
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9775UAX13 Subscriber to Line 5 of PMBX 10+50
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9781UAX13 Subscriber to Line 1 of PABX7 SWBD
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9782UAX13 Subscriber to Line 2 of PABX7 SWBD
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9783UAX13 Subscriber to Line 3 of PABX7 SWBD
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9784UAX13 Subscriber to Line 4 of PABX7 SWBD
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9785UAX13 Subscriber to Line 5 of PABX7 SWBD
Shaun Barton-Collins725-9846TIM 2000 (UK Time)
Bobby Mukaisu728-1111NPSTN DISA
Bobby Mukaisu728-2101Bobby Mukaisu Office (Manor)
Bobby Mukaisu728-2102William Mukaisu Artglass Studio (Manor)
Bobby Mukaisu728-2103Guesthouse
Bobby Mukaisu728-2104Manor Living Room
Bobby Mukaisu728-2105Guesthouse Payphone
Bobby Mukaisu728-2106Manor Master BR
Bobby Mukaisu728-2107Manor Kitchen
Bobby Mukaisu728-2108Manor Sewing Room
Bobby Mukaisu728-2109Guesthouse Fax
Bobby Mukaisu728-2110Manor Guest BR East
Bobby Mukaisu728-2112Manor Guest BR West
Bobby Mukaisu728-2121Fort Portable Phones
Bobby Mukaisu728-2122Fort Fax
Bobby Mukaisu728-2123Bob Lovell 102 (Fort Den)
Bobby Mukaisu728-2124Bob Lovell Office (Fort LR)
Bobby Mukaisu728-2125Fort Office
Bobby Mukaisu728-2126Fort Den
Bobby Mukaisu728-2127Kelly Manke
Bobby Mukaisu728-2128Bobby Mukaisu 302 (Manor LR)
Bobby Mukaisu728-2129William Mukaisu 202 (Manor LR)
Bobby Mukaisu728-2200Page All
Bobby Mukaisu728-2201Steam Whistle Page
Bobby Mukaisu728-2202Good Morning Song Page
Bobby Mukaisu728-2203Manor Page Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2204Fort Page Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2301Bobby Mukaisu Cell
Bobby Mukaisu728-2308William Mukaisu Cell
Bobby Mukaisu728-2323Jewell Lovell Cell
Bobby Mukaisu728-2324Bob Lovell Cell
Bobby Mukaisu728-2600Lenny
Bobby Mukaisu728-2601Jolly Roger
Bobby Mukaisu728-2602Music On Hold
Bobby Mukaisu728-2667Disconnected Intercept
Bobby Mukaisu728-2668PBX ANAC
Bobby Mukaisu728-2800Bobby Mukaisu Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2801William Mukaisu Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2802Kelly Manke Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2803Manor Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2804Mukaisu Enterprises Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2805Fort Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2806Guesthouse Ring Group
Bobby Mukaisu728-2911911 Not Available Intercept
Bobby Mukaisu728-9931Echo Test
Bobby Mukaisu728-9958ANAC
Bobby Mukaisu728-9960Milliwatt Test
Don Froula762-0000Operator console - WECO Spacesaver and Polycom IP320. No-answer transfer to cell phone. VoiceMail.
Don Froula762-0001Ernest COCOT D3 Payphone - (no ringer). After 1 ring, phone auto-answers. To check coin box totals, press *123456 after beep but before modem tone. Press * again for cumulative total. May or may not work over IAX due to poor Asterisk 1.2 DTMF handling.
Don Froula762-0002Alternate Line - WECO Spacesaver and Polycom IP320. No transfer to cell phone. VoiceMail.
Don Froula762-0003VoiceMail - Direct line to leave a VoiceMail message on the system.
Don Froula762-0004Alternate Line - WECO Spacesaver and Polycom IP320. No transfer to cell phone or voicemail.
Don Froula762-0010Rules compliant COCOTs, Part 1
Don Froula762-0011Rules compliant COCOTs, Part 2
Don Froula762-0012Warwick Part 1
Don Froula762-0013Warwick Part 2
Don Froula762-0014Warwick Part 3
Don Froula762-0015Warwick Part 4
Don Froula762-0016Warwick Part 5
Don Froula762-0017Warwick Part 6
Don Froula762-0018Effect of CCIS on Phreaking, Olney SFing, 1981-83.
Don Froula762-0019Firesign Theater - "Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him". A bit of groundbreaking comedy from the mid-1960s.
Don Froula762-0020Exploring the Life Insurance Tie-lines, pgm 1 PARTIAL, Fall 1976 (ends abruptly)
Don Froula762-0021How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm.7: The Dark Side of "Party Lines," November 1970
Don Froula762-0022How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 8: Kennedy Airport Phone Trip, December 1970
Don Froula762-0023How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 9 (Nov-Dec 1970)
Don Froula762-0024How I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 10, December 1970
Don Froula762-0025Secrets of the Little Blue Box, Part 1 By Ron Rosenbaum. Originally published in Esquire, October 1971. Part 1 of 5.
Don Froula762-0026Secrets of the Little Blue Box, Part 2 By Ron Rosenbaum. Originally published in Esquire, October 1971. Part 2 of 5.
Don Froula762-0027Secrets of the Little Blue Box, Part 3 By Ron Rosenbaum. Originally published in Esquire, October 1971. Part 3 of 5.
Don Froula762-0028Secrets of the Little Blue Box, Part 4 By Ron Rosenbaum. Originally published in Esquire, October 1971. Part 4 of 5.
Don Froula762-0029Secrets of the Little Blue Box, Part 5 By Ron Rosenbaum. Originally published in Esquire, October 1971. Part 5 of 5.
Don Froula762-0030Retrospective by Ron Rosenbaum, Part 1 Retrospective on Secrets of the Little Blue Box by the author Ron Rosenbaum. 2018. Part 1.
Don Froula762-0031Retrospective by Ron Rosenbaum, Part 2 Retrospective on Secrets of the Little Blue Box by the author Ron Rosenbaum. 2018. Part 2.
Don Froula762-0032Exploding the Phone, Foreward "Foreward" by Steve Wozniak. By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0033Exploding the Phone, Ch. 01 "Fine Arts 13" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0034Exploding the Phone, Ch. 02 "Birth of a Playground" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0035Exploding the Phone, Ch. 03 "Cat and Canary" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0036Exploding the Phone, Ch. 04 "The Largest Machine in the World" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0037Exploding the Phone, Ch. 05 "Blue Box" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0038Exploding the Phone, Ch. 06 "Some People Collect Stamps" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0039Exploding the Phone, Ch. 07 "Headache" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0040Exploding the Phone, Ch. 08 "Blue Box Bookies" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0041Exploding the Phone, Ch. 09 "Little Jojo Learns to Whistle" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0042Exploding the Phone, Ch. 10 "Bill Acker Learns to Play the Flute" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0043Exploding the Phone, Ch. 11 "The Phone Phreaks of America" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0044Exploding the Phone, Ch. 12 "The Law of Unintended Consequences" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0045Exploding the Phone, Ch. 13 "Counterculture" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0046Exploding the Phone, Ch. 14 "Busted" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0047Exploding the Phone, Ch. 15 "Pranks" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0048Exploding the Phone, Ch. 16 "The Story of a War" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0049Exploding the Phone, Ch. 17 "A Little Bit Stupid" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0050Exploding the Phone, Ch. 18 "Snitch" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0051Exploding the Phone, Ch. 19 "Crunched" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0052Exploding the Phone, Ch. 20 "Twilight" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0053Exploding the Phone, Ch. 21 "Nightfall" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0054Exploding the Phone, Epilogue "Epilogue" By Phil Lapsley. Narrated by Evan Doorbell.
Don Froula762-0100Milliwatt - 1004 Hz. Measures -13.5 dB locally over my PAP2T. YMMV.
Don Froula762-0101"Weasels" recording
Don Froula762-0102"Monkeys" recording
Don Froula762-0103"Moo 1" recording
Don Froula762-0104"Moron" recording
Don Froula762-0105"Moo 2" recording
Don Froula762-0106"Something wrong" recording
Don Froula762-0107"Made it up" recording
Don Froula762-0108"I'm bored" recording
Don Froula762-0109"Don't Understand" recording
Don Froula762-0110"Step in stream" recording
Don Froula762-0111Phiber ProjectMF presentation at Hope 6. 0
Don Froula762-0112Evan Doorbell Tandem stacking
Don Froula762-0113N1 phreaking, part 1
Don Froula762-0114N1 phreaking, part 2
Don Froula762-01151xx and 0xx codes
Don Froula762-0116How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, Part 1
Don Froula762-0117How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, Part 2
Don Froula762-0118How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, Part 3
Don Froula762-0119How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, Part 4
Don Froula762-0120How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, Part 5
Don Froula762-0121Inward Operator: Rings switch phone and cell phone
Don Froula762-0122How Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, Part 6
Don Froula762-0123Emmannuel Goldstein 1991 interview with Joybubbles, Part 1
Don Froula762-0124Emmannuel Goldstein 1991 interview with Joybubbles, Part 2
Don Froula762-0125Haxor interview with Joybubbles, part 1
Don Froula762-0126Haxor interview with Joybubbles, part 2
Don Froula762-0127Haxor interview with Joybubbles, part 3
Don Froula762-0128Sounds of Long Distance, Part 1
Don Froula762-0129Sounds of Long Distance, Part 2
Don Froula762-0130Sounds of Long Distance, Part 3
Don Froula762-0131Free411 Directory Assistance
Don Froula762-0132Sounds of Long Distance, Part 4
Don Froula762-0133Sounds of Long Distance, Part 5
Don Froula762-0134Sounds of Long Distance, Part 6
Don Froula762-0135Sounds of Long Distance, Part 7
Don Froula762-0136Sounds of Long Distance, Part 8
Don Froula762-0137Sounds of Long Distance, Part 9
Don Froula762-0138Sounds of Long Distance, Part 10
Don Froula762-0139Sounds of Long Distance, Part 11
Don Froula762-0140Sounds of Long Distance, Part 12
Don Froula762-0141Sounds of Long Distance, Part 13
Don Froula762-0142Sounds of Long Distance, Part 14
Don Froula762-0143Sounds of Long Distance, Part 15
Don Froula762-0144Sounds of Long Distance, Part 16
Don Froula762-0145Dialing the "1xx" Codes from Greenville NC Coin Phones, part 1
Don Froula762-0146Dialing the "1xx" Codes from Greenville NC Coin Phones, part 2
Don Froula762-0147Local Coin Control in the 1970s
Don Froula762-0148Sounds of Panel, Part 1
Don Froula762-0149Sounds of Panel, Part 2
Don Froula762-0150Sounds of Panel, Part 3
Don Froula762-0151Network Sounds of the 70s, Part 1
Don Froula762-0152Network Sounds of the 70s, Part 2
Don Froula762-0153Elizabeth City Part 1
Don Froula762-0154Elizabeth City Part 2
Don Froula762-0155Elizabeth City Part 3
Don Froula762-0156Elizabeth City Part 4
Don Froula762-0157Elizabeth City Part 5
Don Froula762-0158Demo of switch stacking on C*NET with DISA and MF
Don Froula762-0159Overview of #1 Step, Part 1
Don Froula762-0160Overview of #1 Step, Part 2
Don Froula762-0161Comment line - Record a comment for all to hear
Don Froula762-0162Overview of #1 Step, Part 3
Don Froula762-0163Overview of #1 Step, Part 4
Don Froula762-0164My ConfCon presentation on ProjectMF, July 2009
Don Froula762-0165Senderized XY Steps, Intro
Don Froula762-0166Senderized XY Steps, Part 1
Don Froula762-0167Senderized XY Steps, Part 2
Don Froula762-0168Senderized XY Steps, Part 3
Don Froula762-0169Senderized XY Steps, Part 4
Don Froula762-0170Senderized XY Steps, Part 5
Don Froula762-0171Playback comments recorded at 762-0161
Don Froula762-0172Senderized XY Steps, Part 6
Don Froula762-0173Complete "This is a Recording" album featuring Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the operator. 45 minutes
Don Froula762-0174Phreaks from Esquire article on "052" conference, part 1
Don Froula762-0175Phreaks from Esquire article on "052" conference, part 2
Don Froula762-0176Conversation with AT&T security man, Tom Duffy (1972)
Don Froula762-0177Carolina Tel. part 1
Don Froula762-0178Carolina Tel. part 2
Don Froula762-0179Carolina Tel. part 3
Don Froula762-0180Carolina Tel. part 4
Don Froula762-0181Carolina Tel. part 5
Don Froula762-0182Carolina Tel. part 6
Don Froula762-0183Carolina Tel. part 7
Don Froula762-0184Carolina Tel. part 8
Don Froula762-0185Carolina Tel. part 9
Don Froula762-0186Busy signals and ring sounds around the U.S. (1971)
Don Froula762-0187"History of Phone Phreaking" talk by Phil Lapsley
Don Froula762-0188Harrisonburg, VA, part 1
Don Froula762-0189Harrisonburg, VA, part 2
Don Froula762-0190Harrisonburg, VA, part 3
Don Froula762-0191Harrisonburg, VA, part 4
Don Froula762-0194Phone Phreak Confidential: The Backstory of the History of Phone Phreaking. Presented at HOPE Number 9 conference, 2012
Don Froula762-01952006 UK Hacker Voice Radio interview with John Draper (Captain Crunch)
Don Froula762-0196Phone Trips Song
Don Froula762-0198Supervision Test: Flashes 2600 Hz. Direct connection, NOT through SF-controlled trunks.
Don Froula762-0199Supervision Test: Flashes 2600 Hz. Routed through a 2600-controlled trunk so that operation of the notch filter may be heard. Two cheeps of 2600 are heard for each burst of 2600, one when the tone is applied, one when removed, as the DSP filter "rings
Don Froula762-0555Revertive Pulse Generator (Repeatedly prompts for a 4-digit number and converts to revertive pulses, as generated by the Incoming and Final frames of a panel switch)
Don Froula762-0600Asterisk Echo Test
Don Froula762-0919ProjectMF Operator Paging - Dials my Polycom IP320 desk phone in auto-answer speakerphone mode, connecting both parties directly to the 762-2111 conference bridge. Allows paging the Operator or adding him to a conference remotely.
Don Froula762-1111CNAM Reverse Lookup
Don Froula762-2020Monitors the near and far SF/DP tandem trunks used for the ProjectMF system. Trunks 1-24 (SF/MF) and 49-72 (DP) are on the originating tandem trunk group, paired with trunks 25-48 (SF/MF) and 73-96 (DP) on the terminating tandem trunk group.
Don Froula762-2111Conference Bridge - "#" disconnects. "*" plays a menu of settings. "8" exits the menu and returns to the conference
Don Froula762-2600Blue box access to all the 762-XXXX extensions (2600+KP+XXXX+ST), 762-0XXX extensions (2600+KP+XXX+ST), C*NET numbers (2600+KP+011+country code+number+ST), and NPSTN numbers (2600+KP+013+number+ST).
Don Froula762-2601Like 762-2600, but without the verbose explanation. Note that one may also Blue Box from any "762" office number that routes over an SF/MF trunk by sending 2600Hz to seize the trunk.
Don Froula762-2602 Project MF DISA. Dial anything a blue box can with DTMF. No KP or ST, of course.
Alzie Tolbert766-8857Alzie's Fax Machine. Feel free to spam it
Alzie Tolbert766-8858Alzie's Desk Phone
Erik BerghST3-3637Stanley Steemer's 800-STEEMER jingle
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1000FXS01
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1001FXS02
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1002Softphone
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-11119+NPSTN 8+CNET 5+LAST 4 OF 785 EXTEN [DISA]
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1572Meridian
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1576Conference Bridge
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1822Always Ringback
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1823Always Busy
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1824Always Reorder
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1825MW Tone
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-1826Echo Test
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-2248Meridian Phone - Main Contact
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-2275For Emergency Contact
John AdamsSU5-6000Monster Boy's PBX
John AdamsSU5-6001Monster Boy's PBX
Noah ShoesmithSU5-6847NTI Technical Helpdesk (NO LONGER IN SERVICE, PLEASE DIAL 6847001)
Ramadya SasongkoSU5-9901Verification Recording
Shaun Ewing791-0000Sydney Telephone Collection - Main IVR (PSTN +61 2 8403 0000)
Shaun Ewing791-0041NPSTNAUSY01: Loop Around Side A
Shaun Ewing791-0042NPSTNAUSY01: Loop Around Side B
Shaun Ewing791-1194Talking Clock. Default location is Sydney, Australia. (PSTN: +61 2 8403 1194)
Shaun Ewing791-1196Weather. Default location is Sydney, Australia. (PSTN: +61 2 8403 1196)
Shaun Ewing791-8000The Test Line. (PSTN: +61 2 8503 8000)
Shaun Ewing791-9900NPSTNAUSY01: Milliwatt
Shaun Ewing791-9901NPSTNAUSY01: Switch Verification. "Welcome to the NPSTNAUSY01 Exchange in Sydney, Australia. This exchange serves code 791. The exchange operator can be reached on 791-0000. This is a recording."
Shaun Ewing791-9931NPSTNAUSY01: Echo Test
Shaun Ewing791-9941NPSTNAUSY01: Switch Telephone - Diverts to 791-0000 (Exchange Operator)
Shaun Ewing791-9945NPSTNAUSY01: Milliwatt
Shaun Ewing791-9950NPSTNAUSY01: Business Office - Diverts to 791-0000 (Exchange Operator)
Shaun Ewing791-9960NPSTNAUSY01: Milliwatt
Shaun Ewing791-9970NPSTNAUSY01: Busy - No Answer Supervision
Shaun Ewing791-9971NPSTNAUSY01: Reorder - No Answer Supervision
Shaun Ewing791-9990NPSTNAUSY01: Ringout - No Answer Supervision
Shaun Ewing791-9996NPSTNAUSY01: Loop Around Side A
Shaun Ewing791-9997NPSTNAUSY01: Loop Around Side B
Keith Hlavacs823-210060 IPM Busy NE Rotary Conn Grp
Keith Hlavacs823-2160Conn Intercept WE drum Intercept announcer
Keith Hlavacs823-2200 60 IPM Busy NE 10 PTY TPS Conn Grp
Keith Hlavacs823-2222Keith Hlavacs-Main Number Main number to call me from NPSTN
Keith Hlavacs823-230060 IPM Busy NE 1 ring Conn- type 25 (primitive!) tones
Keith Hlavacs823-2323554 in switchroom NE 1 Ring conn- Type 25 ring shelf
Keith Hlavacs823-3131 Paul Williams neighbor's house
Keith Hlavacs823-3451WE TPL Code Ringing no phone, 345X=any dig 1-0 355A Tones
Keith Hlavacs823-9002milliwatt Asterisk miliwatt
Keith Hlavacs823-9023 FXS FX line directly from Asterisk
Keith Hlavacs823-9990 Test line Test WE Test Line Test-
Keith Hlavacs823-9996FXS FX line directly from Asterisk
Terra HickmanVA6-0098Prepay Payphone Trunk (Panel) - Forces Coinzone for LD calls (Calls outside VA6/LE1)
Terra HickmanVA6-0099Prepay Payphone Trunk (Panel) - Coinzone Optional (Coinzone ONLY if Caller ID name is set to Payphone)
Terra HickmanVA6-1001Panasonic Desk Phone (Rings if available)
Terra HickmanVA6-1111NPSTN DISA (Panel)
Terra HickmanVA6-1210531 / 826 Inward Operator (via Panel)
Terra HickmanVA6-7717Western Electric 500 (Rings if available)
Terra HickmanVA6-9915Protel Payphone (Rings if available. Modem will not answer)
Terra HickmanVA6-9970Busy Test (Panel)
Terra HickmanVA6-9971Reorder Test (Panel)
Terra HickmanVA6-9990Ringout (Panel)
Connections MuseumVE2-00131XB test lineup #1 (no audible ring)
Connections MuseumVE2-00151XB test lineup #2 (no audible ring)
Connections MuseumVE2-0018Crybaby (no such number tone)
Connections MuseumVE2-0103302 @ test frames
Connections MuseumVE2-0104touchtone keyset
Connections MuseumVE2-0114phone booth by Ostrand room
Connections MuseumVE2-5123sender frame black touchtone
Connections MuseumVE2-7777No Such Number announcement
Connections MuseumVE2-9999DISA (
Bruce LaneTH9-6001Asterisk Milliwatt Test
Bruce LaneTH9-6002Asterisk Milliwatt for 30 Sec., then silent for 5 minutes.
Bruce LaneTH9-6003Hunt group for the service phone in the switchroom.
Bruce LaneTH9-6010USWest Payphone ad: Floppy Worms
Bruce LaneTH9-6011USWest Payphone ad: Paper Boy
Bruce LaneTH9-6012Silly ad I did for the Scott's 'Ego Guard' Confidence Spreader.
Bruce LaneTH9-6013Exploding EBS Test
Bruce LaneTH9-6070ANAC Readback, plus a belch.
Bruce LaneTH9-6411Lily Tomlin's version of 'Directory Assistance.'
Bruce LaneTH9-6412A quick lesson in Technobabble...
Bruce LaneTH9-6420Wiltron T346 Remote Test Responder, Port 1, responds to standard DTMF commands.
Bruce LaneTH9-6421Wiltron T346, Port 2
Bruce LaneTH9-6447Storage Shed Extension
Bruce LaneTH9-6555Main house line, please avoid calling outside the hours shown in the 6722 entry.
Bruce LaneTH9-6722My main desk extension. Please avoid calling outside of 10:00 to 18:00, Pacific Time.
Bruce LaneTH9-6996Backup house line, same hours restriction.
Bruce LaneTH9-6999DISA for our Asterisk switch, password required.
Alex Schwarz857-0501curtain_ Main Contact
Noah Hendrix869-8201SxS Dial Tone
Noah Hendrix869-8311SxS Ringing
Noah Hendrix869-8331Line 1 on 1a2 System
Noah Hendrix869-8391SxS 7A Intercept
Noah Hendrix869-8394SxS Busy
Chris EldridgeTR4-1111Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office DISA
Chris EldridgeTR4-1331Chris Eldridge Contact #: Rings "Candlestick" DesignLine phone in office. Note that any 874-133X number will ring this line.
Chris EldridgeTR4-8463Time: Central Time Zone
Chris EldridgeTR4-9901Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeTR4-9931Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeTR4-9932Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeTR4-9958Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeTR4-9960Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeTR4-9970Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeTR4-9971Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeTR4-9972Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeTR4-9973Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeTR4-9974Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeTR4-9979Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeTR4-9990Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 0
Chris EldridgeTR4-9991Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 1
Chris EldridgeTR4-9992Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 2
Chris EldridgeTR4-9993Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 3
Chris EldridgeTR4-9994Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 4
Chris EldridgeTR4-9995Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 5
Chris EldridgeTR4-9996Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 6
Chris EldridgeTR4-9997Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 7
Chris EldridgeTR4-9998Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 8
Chris EldridgeTR4-9999Wolf River Telephone: Trinity Office - Party Ring 9
Emily Poppino876-0000Intercept Trunk
Emily Poppino876-0001Intercept Trunk
Emily Poppino876-1000FXS Port 1
Emily Poppino876-1001FXS Port 2
Keith HerbertTU4-0000Main Line (24/7)
Keith HerbertTU4-0001Alarm Panel Line
Keith HerbertTU4-0002CS4000 Management Access
Keith HerbertTU4-0003Unattended Downloader [ADEMCO]
Keith HerbertTU4-0004DataPick Modem Line
Keith HerbertTU4-0005ProtoStar Central Station
Keith HerbertTU4-0006Auxiliary Line
Keith HerbertTU4-0894ProtoStar Solutions Business Line
Keith Herbert884-1000Central Station Receiver #1
Keith Herbert884-2000Central Station Receiver #2
Keith Herbert884-3000Unattended Downloader [RADX]
Jim Day932-4410Kitchen phone EXT10
Jim Day932-4444Computer room EXT44
Jim Day932-4453Switch Room EXT53
Ryan MarcusYE8-0000YEllowstone Exchange Operator
Ryan MarcusYE8-0001VRRyan General Contact
Ryan MarcusYE8-0002Fax (real machine)
Ryan MarcusYE8-1111DISA access
Ryan MarcusYE8-9222Deadmau5 Hotline
Ryan MarcusYE8-9223Rick Roll
Ryan MarcusYE8-9224MCA DiscoVision Remix
Ryan MarcusYE8-9901Switch Verification
Ryan MarcusYE8-9931Echo Test
Ryan MarcusYE8-9958Reads your number
Ryan MarcusYE8-9960Milliwatt Test Tone
Ryan MarcusYE8-9970Always Busy
Ryan MarcusYE8-9971Always Reorder
Ryan MarcusYE8-9990Number that always rings "forever"
Chris EldridgeWH2-1111Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office DISA
Chris EldridgeWH2-9901Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Verification
Chris EldridgeWH2-9931Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Echo Test
Chris EldridgeWH2-9932Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Silent Termination
Chris EldridgeWH2-9958Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - ANAC
Chris EldridgeWH2-9960Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Milliwatt Test
Chris EldridgeWH2-9970Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Always Busy
Chris EldridgeWH2-9971Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Always Reorder
Chris EldridgeWH2-9972Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Number Not In Service
Chris EldridgeWH2-9973Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Chris EldridgeWH2-9974Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - All Circuits Are Busy
Chris EldridgeWH2-9979Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Tone Sweep
Chris EldridgeWH2-9990Wolf River Telephone: Whitney Office - Always Ring
Jaiden BorichYU5-0000Time n' Temp EST (Bluefield, WV) (PSTN:304-451-7079)
Braxton Moore999-0111Motorola Radio Support
Braxton Moore999-0991Weather Information - Please do not call after 10 PM CST
Jaiden BorichWY9-9099TandmX NNIS Message | Cherry 01T Bluefield
Jaiden BorichWY9-9101TandmX Milliwatt
Jaiden BorichWY9-9902Silent Termination
Jaiden BorichWY9-9910Permanent Ringback (via TandmX)
Jaiden BorichWY9-9912Permanent Reorder (via TandmX)
Jaiden BorichWY9-9913Permanent Busy (via TandmX)
ZEnith Number ZE1-0415 Pacific Bell Repair Service
ZEnith Number ZE1-2000 California Highway Patrol
ZEnith Number ZE1-2600 Dylan Cruz
ZEnith Number ZE1-6502 Chris Eldridge
ZEnith Number ZE1-9653 Wolf River Telephone Business Of
ZEnith Number ZE4-4444 MCI ANAC