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What exactly is NPSTN?

NPSTN short for "Novelty Public Switched Telephone Network" or "Novelty PSTN"
Is a free online community that is dedicated to connecting Telephone collectors and enthusiast together,
You can get a number from hosting your own exchange or if you need 10 numbers or less we can host them for you,
NPSTN works a lot like C*NET But we use different network protocols for example, C*NET uses eNum while
we use HTTPS with our own PHP API.
We also have ideas to implement in the future like all subscribers having their own routing table. Although for right now there is one server
that has a route table that is used all over NPSTN to route the calls.
NPSTN is different to C*NET in the way that we are making the main systems have older sounds and eventually a lot of the calls being routed over NPSTN will use
electromechanical switches. one, in fact, is being built the moment you are reading this.