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You can call into the NPSTN from the PSTN by dialing +1 (845) 262-3341 you can then dial one of the phone numbers in the member list!

Want a number?
Click on the button at the top of the screen that says 'Get a Number'
or call +1 (845) 262-3341 (or any other PSTN Gateway Number) and dial 0 for the operator.

-- PSTN Gateways --

US: +1 (845) 262-3341 (Spring Valley, NY)
US: +1 (530) 537-0261 (Auburn, CA)
US: +1 (407) 569-8597 (Winter Springs, FL Ask for NPSTN Operator)

UK: +44 05603869932 (UK - Main)

Also for anyone wanting to upload any entries in the directory list please visit: User Control Panel